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Cake mixes for making cakes, bases for cakes

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Address:Ukraine, Dnipropetrovska Oblast', Dnipropetrovsk

Mixture for simple , rapid production of bases for cakes, pies and popular desserts. The range this product is the following mixture:

RIA Mix "Yogurt cake"
Functional the mix of delicate cupcakes, open pies, biscuits and the blanks for the type of cake "Smetannikov" soft creamy yogurt aroma. The mixture provides the products with excellent recovery, uniform a porous structure with a moist crumb and thin Golden crust. The finished product blends perfectly with the thermostable fillings RIA Cream Filing.
Dosage: 10-13%
Art. 00116

RIA Mix "Vienna cake"
Functional concentrated mixture for making pies type "Vienna", butter biscuits, muffins and bases for cakes. Finished products have tender and juicy fine-pored structure, great upgrade, great hold the fruit and toppings on the surface, not allowing them to settle on the bottom when baking, for a long time remain fresh and soft
Dosage: 10-15%
Art. 00117

RIA Mix "Carrot pie"
Concentrated the mixture, composed of slices of carrots. For cooking the tastiest carrot cakes, pies, cupcakes and muffins. The finished product have a well-developed porous structure, juicy and tender crumb with pleasant aroma of homemade pastries.
Dosage: 13-15%
Art. 00119

RIA Mix "cake "
The mixture functional for cooking honey cake preparations, cakes, cookies and biscuits without rolling the dough stage and single-phase mixing test. The mixture allows to make the cake "Medovik" as with the introduction honey in the recipe. Finished products have a light caramel the shade of crumb and delicate honey aroma.
Dosage: 10-12%
Art. 00120

RIA Mix "Sacher "
Concentrated the mixture for making chocolate Viennese cake and chocolate cakes. The mixture is designed for quick preparation of dough single-phase method, with great enthusiasm, fine-pored structure and unique chocolate flavor. Cake to cake "Sacher" it is possible to prepare, as with the addition of chocolate, and without it.
Dosage: 14-15%
Art. 00121

RIA Mix "brownie "
The mixture for making chocolate cakes, desserts, "brownie" and "Fondant", consisting of chocolate chips that will allow You to make cocoa products in the recipe. The finished cakes are dense and moist crumb structure with a thin crust on the surface, characteristic of this product. Products for a long time retain freshness and have a chocolate the taste and aroma.
Dosage: 100%
Art. 00122

RIA Mix Red Velvet
Concentrated the mixture for the preparation of the famous American dessert, as well as biscuits, muffins, rolls and pastries with a dark-red shells and amazing aroma. The mixture stabilizes the quality of the semifinished product, corrects imperfections make raw materials ensures the product excellent the rise of a uniform porous structure and extending freshness.
Dosage: 15%
Art. 00123

RIA Mix "Truffle Cake "
The mixture for making tender cakes, biscuits and pieces for cakes and cakes with a unique rich aroma of truffles. The finished cake has rich chocolate flavor enhanced by bits of chocolate the finished product has good porosity and uniform moist crumb.
Dosage: 100%
Art. 00124

RIA Mix "white Choco brown "
Ready mix unbeatable brownies white chocolate, which includes white chocolate chips. Ready the cakes are dense and moist structure, characteristic of this product. Products stay fresh longer and have an intense flavour and the aroma of white chocolate.
Dosage: 100%
Art. 00125