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Offer type: salePublished: 24.11.2017
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Address:Kyiv, Ukraine

Sell silk screen printing machine for varnishing.

1. Coating machine ESC Progress 710,
Sheet machine for coating and screen printing,
Year of release 1987
Maximum sheet size 780 x 1170 mm
Minimum sheet size 350 x 450 mm,
Minimum paper weight 130 grams
The maximum capacity of 2000 impression/hour
Drying aeroterm,
Continuous and selective varnishing,
Rastarivanie and selective spot varnishing,
Selective Matt varnishing on solid glossy varnish and Vice versa,
Painting on non-absorbent bases,
Varnishing with the addition of UV inks (pigments of yellow, red, blue, green, etc.)
Varnishing with the addition of gold powder and silver powder-dye, glitter,
Varnishing with special paints for the subsequent application of holograms or foil stamping,
Equipment in excellent working condition,
Considered a quick sale,

2. Automatic screen printing machine SPS Vitessa Flex,
year of issue 1988 + drying;
Used for applying the continuous and selective UV varnishing,
glitter, applying skreych layer, etc.
min. printing format 320 x 450 mm,
Mac. format 640 x 880 mm,
automatic vacuum feeder,
screen the coating section of the stop cylinder type,
UV dryer 1 lamp.

3. Machine for continuous UV varnishingZV 920 A, China,
Year of build 2003,
Max. the format width of the sheet is 1000 mm,
Minimum sheet format A4
Performance up to 6000/hour,
The car is in excellent technical condition, in operation.

And other printing equipment.