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The starters mine PRN-63, PRN-100, EOP-125 and other

Offer type: salePublished: 01.11.2020
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Address:Dnipropetrovska Oblast', Kryvyi Rih, Ukraine
We manufacture and sell a Starters standard mining design type: PRN-63, PRN-125, PRN-100 and other...
The starters standard mining design PRN-63, PRN-125, PRN-100 is designed for operation in three-phase electrical networks with voltage of 380V and 660V of alternating current with frequency of 50 Hz with isolated neutral of transformer for remote direct starting and stopping of asynchronous motors with squirrel-cage rotor, protection against overload and short-circuit currents of outgoing power circuits and is used in mining enterprises, the enterprises of mineral resource industry and construction industry, crushing and screening and beneficiation plants, mines, time - cuts and other business enterprises are not dangerous on the explosion of gas and dust.
The starters are designed to work under the following conditions:
- climatic modification UHL, placement category 3.5* GOST (ambient air temperature from minus 10 to 35 C, relative humidity 100 % at 35 C With condensation);
- dust environment no more than 1000 mg/m3;
- allowable deviation from the working position (horizontal) 15;
- altitude above sea level not more than 2000m.
The actuators belong to the group of mechanical performance scale 1 (degree of rigidity for the vibration and vibration – 1 according to GOST 17516.1-90).
- the mining industry;
- enterprises of the mineral complex and construction industry;
crushing screening and beneficiation plant;
- mines, cuts and other enterprises are not dangerous on the explosion of gas and dust.

Contact phone.: +38 098 576-90-78