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The closing of the curtains UZP-1

Offer type: salePublished: 25.03.2021
Price:4 000 UAH
Seller:Yurij Vasil'evich
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Address:Kremenchuk, Ukraine, Poltavs'ka Oblast'
Device SLM-1 is designed for full or partial sostarivaniya screen width up to 10 m. by rectilinear movement of the curtain. It provides three fixed positions of the curtain: closed, normal screen and wide screen. The device is also used to sostarivaniya window and door openings. Set UZP-1 consists of winch, remote control, tensioning device. The speed of the curtain — 0,15 — 0,3 m/s. the device is Powered from three-phase alternating current with frequency of 50 Hz, with voltage of 380/220 V.