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Axle front T-16, SSH-2540 Assembly (СШ20.31.001-3)

Offer type: salePublished: 10.05.2017
Price:11 500 UAH
Seller:Aleksandr Anatol'evich
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Address:Kharkivs'ka Oblast', Kharkiv, Ukraine


Buy new front axle, T-16, SSH-2540 Assembly (СШ20.31.001-3) HSTCS, minimally at the lowest price with the maximum guarantee of quality. Applies to self-propelled chassis (tractor) T-16, T-16M, T-16MY, SSH-25, SSH-2540 production Kharkov plant of tractor self-propelled chassis (Kharkov, Ukraine).

Front axle wheeled tractors T-16, T-16MY, SSH-2540 consists of front axle, front wheels, steering linkage. The front axle is the balancer, pivotally connected with the front frame bar. Split ends of the rocker step ladders with retractable linings are clamped fists, recorded in the rocker pins. In the inclined pipe of each retractable fist on the bushings and the thrust bearing installed the axle knuckle, the tip of which is pressed on the axle of the front wheel. On the upper ends of the steering knuckle mounted steering levers, which are interconnected by transverse thrust. Front axle, steering levers and pull the cross form the steering trapezoid. The left pivot arm is associated with a bipod steering traction. Wheels attached to the hub, on which two roller bearings installed on the axle. On the front wheel can be installed additional goods

The original. Warranty and quality of the manufacturer. High strength, reliability and durability is due to modern manufacturing techniques and quality materials. Not a cottage industry.

Sell spare parts for tractors T-16(SS-2540), T-25A, T-25F, T-40, UMZ, MTZ, DT-75, T-150, T-150K, T-156, HTZ-17021, HTZ-17221 and family cars KAMAZ, GAZ and agricultural machinery, available in a wide range, wholesale prices. All products meet all relevant regulations and standards.

Sales engaged throughout Ukraine. Fast delivery by transport companies in any city of Ukraine, on the terms and conditions of transport companies.

Payment on delivery, cash on delivery. The PrivatBank card. Non-cash payment (VAT included). Money back 100%. Discounts for regular customers.

Weight: 92,000 kg Material —