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The dosing pump MTZ, UMZ, T-16 (OSPC100ON) Bulgaria

Offer type: salePublished: 10.05.2017
Seller:Aleksandr Anatol'evich
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Address:Kharkivs'ka Oblast', Kharkiv, Ukraine


Buy a new dosing pump with safety valve, steering (Hydrosol) В480-SOSPC100ON (MZOSPC100Y) from Europe, a wheeled tractor MTZ-80, -82, -1025, LTZ-55, -60, UMZ, T-30, T-16. Manufacturer ORBITROL, Bulgaria, minimally at the lowest price with the maximum guarantee of quality. Analogue D-100-14.20-02 (Д00.02.003)
The original. Warranty and quality of the manufacturer. High strength, reliability and durability is due to modern manufacturing techniques and quality materials. NOT CHINA. Not a cottage industry

Chemical dosing pumps designed for a normalized flow of the working fluid (oil) from the feed pump to the cylinders of rotation of the wheels, depending on the angle of the steering wheel by the driver. Also can supply working fluid in case of failure of the main feed pump. Set in volumetric hydraulic drive of agricultural and special machinery, which is moving with a speed to 50 km/h.

Included in the conversion kit MTZ-82 with Gura on the Mountain (Hydrosol);

Included in the conversion kit MTZ-80 with Gura on the Mountain (Hydrosol);
Included in the conversion kit YUMZ-6 with power steering to Mount (Hydrosol);

We offer for sale sets of re-equipment of tractors UMZ, MTZ-80, MTZ-82 with hydraulic power to the chemical dosing pumps.

The advantages of pumps over the standard power steering.

· - Small size, small weight, respectively, and the convenience when removing installing.

· - Lower cost in comparison with standard power steering.

· - The presence of built-in valves:

§ input reverse;

§ safety;

§ shockproof;

§ jockey.

· - Oil flow in case of failure of the main feed pump.

· - Unifitsiruyuschie, as a consequence good interchangeability between different manufacturers hydrosolate (the main condition to maintain the working volume of the pump dispenser.) .

Buying a dosing pump, You will make the right choice because it is a branded product with a unique ID and a number of advantages among similar models of other firms:
― built-in release valve oil;
― reinforced rubber seals: rings, cuffs, seals;
― automatic setting to 200 ATM.
― modern protivogemorroidalnoe system;
― Hydrosol has a perfectly reliable design;
― the dosing pump has been assembled from high-quality nodes, which guarantees a long life.

  Sell spare parts for tractors T-16(SS-2540), T-25A, T-25F, T-40, UMZ, MTZ, DT-75, T-150, T-150K, T-156, HTZ-17021, HTZ-17221 and family cars KAMAZ, GAZ and agricultural machinery, available in a wide range, wholesale prices. All products meet all relevant regulations and standards.

Sales engaged throughout Ukraine. Fast delivery by transport companies in any city of Ukraine, on the terms and conditions of transport companies.

Payment on delivery, cash on delivery. The PrivatBank card. Non-cash payment (VAT included). Money back 100%. Discounts for regular customers.
Weight ― 6,000 kg