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Tungsten heaters, molybdenum disilicide, lanthanum chromite EKHS KIP

Offer type: salePublished: 29.05.2016
Price:6 000 RUR
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Address:Russian Federation, Moscow
Tungsten heaters, molybdenum disilicide, lanthanum chromite EKHS KIP Tungsten Mar IN-ml of ultra-pure sheet workpiece The tungsten grade IN-ML sheet K /3-4 mm/10-15mm/300-350mm/ The tungsten grade IN-ML sheet K /3-4 mm/25-30mm/350-400mm/ The tungsten grade IN a-ML To the sheet /6 mm/150-180mm/350-380mm/ The tungsten grade IN a-ML To the sheet /6 mm/355-365mm/355-365mm/ Wolfra/4-5 mm/20-25mm/410-460mm/ Tungsten Billet cylinder d-50mm , h-100 mm GNI-MP-II especially clean the contents of 99,85 % Spiral heaters of a lanthanum chromite with the findings with 2 sides Four types of high temperature heaters EKHS 16/110/120 price 2200 16/146/152 the price is 2900 RUB 20/146/152 price 3600 RUB 20/200/252 price 4600 RUB Vysokotemperaturnye heaters made from molybdenum disilicide in the presence of 5 types 150/150 price 9000 rubles 100/150 spiral price 10000 RUB 180/150 price 10000 RUB 180/250 price 11000 RUB 200/200 price 11000 RUB Clamp vysokotemperaturnyi alund for mounting the heaters 240 rubles lundbye ceramic crucibles for high temperature melting metals, copper, aluminum, precious metals 350rub crucible height - 62 mm diameter 53 mm The crucible Lundby (90% alumina,10%-silicium oxide) corundum Can withstand up to 1700 degrees The engine DK-11 RD-09 RD 09-P2 D-32П1 The engine DK-11 2000 rubles The motor RD-09 with squirrel cage rotor reduction and 1/15 1/137,62 1200 rubles Engine D-32П1 1200 rubles Asynchronous capacitor motor with integrated gear Reversible engine RD 09-P2 Reduction 1/39,06 1200 rubles The M24 134313 М91 ammeter VOLTMETER WATTMETER ASTATIC S91 Microammeter type М91 magneto shadow strelkastare network-127v or 220 v, and 6.3 v batteries The accuracy class of the instrument is 1.0 Measuring ranges: 1 µa, 3 µa, 10 µa, 30 µa, 100 µa margin of error 1% of full scale Excellent condition 10000 RUB PRECISION MICROAMMETER DC MICROAMMETER TYPE 134313 M24 RESISTANCE 200 OHMS ACCURACY CLASS 1.5 VOLTMETER TYPE PERMANENT S91 PRECISION AC MILLIVOLTMETER AND VOLTMETER KIT ASTATIC WATTMETER ASTD 150V 30MA — 5 KOHM Selsyns Type SL-661 МУ2 price 8000 RUB Type SL-570 is the price of 6000 rubles BD-501a price 4500 RUB ADP 362 the price of 2000 rubles ADP 263а the price of 2000 rubles ADP 262 the price of 2000 rubles SL-221 the price of 2000 rubles SS-405 price 3500 RUB Bit-101 price 4000 USD NED-101 price 4000 USD SL-101 price 2000 rubles The exemplary manometer of the type MO class of accuracy 0,35 MO 1 kgf/cm2 price 10000 RUB MO 5 kgf/cm2 10000r. MO 6 kgf/cm2 10000r. MO 10 kgf/cm2 10000r. MO 160 kgf/cm2 10000r. MO 300 kgf/cm2 10000r. MO 400 kgf/cm2 10000r. MO 500 kgf/cm2 10000r. Pressure gauge MK-12 50 kgf/cm2 250 kgf/cm2 is the price of 500 rubles Pressure gauge 400 bar 500 RUB Pressure gauge in mm of water column 500 RUB Pressure transmitter type EDR model 223 64 current 0.125 a 50 Hz output signal 0-10 mg 5000 rubles Dynamometer power type DOR, DOSM, DS, DPU was 10000 RUB. DOR-0.1 N system.G.Turner DOSM-3-0,1 100 kg Dosm-0,2 200 kg DS-200 0,2 kg DOSM-03 300 kg DS-1 1000kg ДОСМ3-3/OC 5022 1000kg ДОСМ3-3 3000 kg ДОСМ3-3/OC 5023 3000 kg DS-5 5000 kg The spring-type dynamometer DPU-01 100 kg DPU-05 500 kg The strain gauge lever "TR" 0-50 microns without clamps 2000 R strain gauges with clamps 3000 R clamp separately 2000 rubles The extensometer MIL 5000 R Load cells Wire Constantan nichrome Laboratory thermometers set 25000 RUB Tachometer manual centrifugal type IO-10 4500 RUB Shakeproof thermometer 600 degrees to 1000 RUB Readout microscope MBP-2 3500 rubles The radiation pyrometer telescope TERA-50 3500 rubles Lamp CU-110 was 10000 RUB. Power diode B800 with radiator 2000 rubles The power T500 thyristor with heat sink R 2000 Tachometer manual centrifugal type IO-10 4500 RUB With a set of nozzles. Measuring range 25-10000 rpm. The tachometer in box, perfect condition, full set. 1959 Passport Arbolitovye case The vibration frequency, 50 Hz, Germany 380-220 v landing size 90mm*90mm, 500 p The high pressure compressor AK-150 MDV — R 36000 Ammeter E365-1 to 100a, 150A 500 RUB Ammeters Э8031 on 50A 300 rubles Ammeters E8030 50 400 rubles Frequency 50 Hz 500 RUB 8-977-685-9665