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Offer type: salePublished: 28.05.2016
Price:10 EUR
Seller:Olimpijskij Sergej Gennad'evich
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Address:Ukraine, Kyiv
mysterious colorful KOI.
You have decided to have coloured carp in your pond !
please get acquainted with the primary and useful information on our website farm KOI CARP
colorful KOI
all colors and sizes.

white with black spots(shirotori),
orange with black spots on the back(khutsuri,akabeko),
white marble(platinum),
yellow marble(fire),
and many other to choose from.

Malek from 5-10-12 cm
teenagers a minimum of 10 units from 13-18-20 see
the price depends on the size and colors.

special food for KOI.
СOPPENS (Holland)
manufactured and delivered from Germany.
STAPLE (3mm) with seaweed for color.
WHEAT GERM (3mm) standard with additives wheat
in special bags of 15 kg.

food Japanese manufacturer GPD
in special packages of 2kg,5kg,10kg

food for carp manufacturer Ukraine.
special packages 10kg,25kg.

plants for the pond.
pond lilies,water lilies,namyi.

farm delivery is a manufacturer in Ukraine.
fish adapted to our conditions.
You can choose to have a representative in Kiev.

sending all over Ukraine.
if pickup without pre-payment,in fact.

Kohaku (jap. 紅白 To:Haku?)
Theis Canseco (jap. 大正三色 Taisho: canseco?)
Seeding Canseco (jap. 昭和三色 CE:VA canseco?)
Utsurimono, (jap. 写り物?)
Bacco (jap. べっ甲 Bacco:?)
Twante (jap. 丹頂 Twante:?)
Asagi (Japanese. 浅黄?)
Susi (jap. 秋翠 Coj:sui?)
Koromo (jap. 衣?)
Kinginrin (jap. 金銀鱗?)
Kawarimono, (jap. 変わり物?)
The fire (jap. 黄金 On:gon?)
Hikari-moemoe (jap. 光模樣者?)
Goshiki (jap. 五色?)
Kumonryu, (jap. 九紋竜, Kumonryu:?)
The Deutz-GOI (jap. ドイツ鯉?)