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Cardan front 151.36.011 Assembly lkmz

Offer type: salePublished: 10.05.2017
Seller:Aleksandr Anatol'evich
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Address:Kharkivs'ka Oblast', Kharkiv, Ukraine


         Buy a new cardan front 151.36.011, wheeled tractor T-150K, T-151, T-121, T-156Б-09-03, T-17221-06, HTZ-181, produced LTD "lkmz", Lozova, Ukraine, at minimum lowest price with the maximum guarantee of quality. Designed for installation on tractor with articulated solar frame series HTZ-150K, HTZ-170 and HTZ-156 to drive the front axle, as well as for arable-arable tractors of the series HTZ-HTZ and 120/121-160 to drive the rear axle


• All critical driveline components are manufactured by hot stamping.

• All splined connection to the propeller shafts undergo heat treatment by high frequency current (HFC) for hardening and improved wear resistance to pulsating loads during operation of the mechanism.

• All the plugs in the prop production made of high quality carbon and chromium-containing steels by hot stamping.

The main differences between the propeller gear lkmz production from other manufacturers (mainly from China) are in the field of quality and precision manufacturing, primarily frogs bearing Assembly. So, the d-pad production lkmz manufactured from higher quality steel 20KHGNR with greater hardness. They installed the bearings with a reinforced rotary shaft seal in contrast to the simple protective rubber sponge, the bearings themselves were applied with significantly (2-3 times) lower total clearance between the needle bearing, the same lower razmorozhennogo used needles and with greater hardness of the bearing race. All together it gives a significant (not less than three times) increases the service life as frogs in the collection, and the entire gimbal.

            The original. Warranty and quality of the manufacturer. High strength, reliability and durability is due to modern manufacturing techniques and quality materials. NOT CHINA. Not a cottage industry.

Sell spare parts for tractors T-16(SS-2540), T-25A, T-25F, T-40, UMZ, MTZ, DT-75, T-150, T-150K, T-156, HTZ-17021, HTZ-17221, HTA-200,
HTZ-181 and the family cars KAMAZ, GAZ and agricultural machinery, available in a wide range, wholesale prices. All products meet all relevant regulations and standards.

Sales engaged throughout Ukraine. Fast delivery by transport companies in any city of Ukraine, on the terms and conditions of transport companies.

Payment on delivery, cash on delivery. The PrivatBank card. Non-cash payment (VAT included). Money back 100%. Discounts for regular customers.

Weight: 24,000 kg


        In order for a new gimbal 151.36.011 front, wheel, tractor T-150K, T-151, T-121, T-156Б-09-03, T-17221-06, HTZ-181, produced LTD "lkmz", Lozova, Ukraine, apply on the website, or contact us in any convenient way for you.

At the moment, new cardan front 151.36.011, wheeled tractor T-150K, T-151, T-121, T-156Б-09-03, T-17221-06, HTZ-181, produced LTD "lkmz", Lozova, Ukraine, is in stock at our warehouse and available to order.


The driveline is designed to transmit torque from shaft transfer case to the front and rear axles. It consists of a cardan shaft 1 (Fig. 1) drive peredney bridge, two universal joints 2 of the actuator of the rear axle and the intermediate support 3.

Universal joints 1 and 2 of the tractor T-150 telescoping splined connections that allow a shaft to change the length when turning, vibrations of the sprung front axle, as well as during installation.

Fig. 1. Diagram of driveline T-150K

1 — cardan front wheel drive; 2 — cardan drive rear axle; 3 — intermediate bearing;

On tractors T-150 and T-150K used driveline with universal joints of KrAZ. All cardan joints of the transmission are of the same design.

Each joint consists of two forks, turned crosswise to each other and the d-pad on the axle which features a sealed needle roller bearings with seals.

Drive shafts of the tractor T-150 is secured to the flanges of brake drums of the transmission and the flange of the main gear axle. On the tractor T-150 propeller, shaft front axle fixed to the shaft of the transfer gearbox through the drum of the Central brake.

Driveline rear axle consists of two dual forks and an intermediate support 3 (Fig. 2). In shafts has a splined telescopic connection to compensate for the axial movement of parts during operation of the tractor.

Fig. 2. Drive shafts of the tractor T-150K

1— front joint; 2 —hinge intermediate; 3 — intermediate bearing; 4 —rear joint; 5 — flange; 6 —coupling-flange; 7 — a plug-flange; 8 — a bolt.