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Paper cushioning sacks(paper cushion pads)

Offer type: salePublished: 29.05.2015
Seller:Hrapaj Vladislav
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Address:Ukraine, Kyiv

Produce and sell paper cushioning inserts in the range:

• Paper cushioning liners are used in sets of confectionery packaging (cardboard box, corex, liner) for chocolates, marshmallows, cookies, jelly beans, fruit jelly and other types of products.

• Production paper cushioning inserts are designed for the manufacture of multilayer inserts (3, 5), each second layer homerooms. Layers of paper are connected edible glue.

• Paper shock absorbing inserts have a great aesthetic value, being important element of packaging design.

External side of the liner can be made in any color with the application, the method of "flexo" as standard in print the form of patterns and print individual design over the entire surface or in a certain place on the liner (the logo of the manufacturer, trademark and etc.). Printed with edible paint.

• Paper shock absorbing inserts can be of any rectangular shape, according to sizes, or any figure shape.

The bottom layer of paper cushioning liner, on customer request, can be as white and colored either grease resistant.

• Products Packed in corrugated boxes, which are made for different paper sizes shock absorbing inserts.

• The availability of paper shock-absorbing liner inside a cardboard box with chocolate candy ensures the preservation of chocolates in presentation.


Ear made from environmentally friendly, food grade paper, tape, glue, paint, which are used in the manufacture of chocolate and chocolate wafer candy in boxes. All the materials used have a certificate that confirms the tolerance of the insert to the contact with food.

Paper buffered liner may consist of a paper layer, and in bundling with other materials, for example:

the top layer can to be as of paper and metalized film (silver, gold or other colors with logo manufacturer, trading brand);

the bottom layer paper shock-absorbing liner, on customer request, can be as white and coloured or made of of ordinary paper, laminated, grease repellent, or with polypropylene (white, transparent, pearl).

Print food paint. The quality of the manufactured products meet the requirements ISO 22000:2005.