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The frequency Converter 45 kW, Nietz

Offer type: salePublished: 27.05.2015
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Company:Kompaniya 'Promsis'
Seller:Sergey Chekarev
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Address:Ukraine, Dnipropetrovska Oblast', Dnipropetrovsk
Vector frequency Converter without feedback sensor.
Frequency converters NIETZ NZV use the system DSP digital control and provide vector control in open loop system and a scalar V/F control.

These systems are aimed at medium-and low-budget solutions and use as OEM components for complex systems.

The converters feature high performance and stability, are widely used for pumps and ventlation, in systems requiring high precision control for high speeds, quick response when steering torque in low frequency systems with high performance.


Inputs and outputs:
- Input voltage range: 220/380V ± 15%
- Input frequency range: 47-63 Hz
- Output voltage range: 0 – 220/380V
- Output frequency range: 0-600 Hz
I / o:
Digital inputs are programmable:
6 terminals for receiving binary input signals (9~30V 3.3 k?)
Analog inputs programmable:
FIV - signal 0–10V
FIC - signal 0–10V or 0–20mA.
Open collector:1 output (open collector or an RF pulse output signal)
Relay output: 1 NO/NC (AC 250V/3A, DC 30V/1A)
Analog output: 1 (0/4–20 mA or 0-10 V.)
The main functions of management:
Control modes: vector without feedback (SVC), V / f characteristic.
Permissible overload:
- 150% 60sec. of rated current
- 180% 10 seconds. of rated current
Starting torque: 150% at 0, 5 Hz (SVC)
The speed control range: 1:100 (SVC)
The set speed accuracy: ± 0, 5% of maximum speed (SVC)
The carrier frequency of PWM: 0, 5 kHz–15, 0 kHz.
The data source for the reference frequency:
- operator panel,
- analog input,
- serial communication interface,
- multi-stage speed adjustment, 8 steps.
- PID, etc.
A possible implementation combinations of modes and switching between modes.
Torque management: allows the setting of multiple data sources.
Control the oscillation frequency of the
Does not turn off in case of brief power outages.
Tracking speed: smooth start when the engine is running.
Button QUICK/JOG: you can assign this button a custom function.
Automatic maintenance of the stability of the output voltage (AVR) when the fluctuations of the input voltage.
Protective functions:
- current protection,
- overvoltage,
- low voltage,
- overheating
- phase loss, phase imbalance
- overload, etc.