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Sell measuring instruments (ammeters) panel E8031 (e-8031, 8031 e), etc.

Offer type: продамPublished: 31.05.2020
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Address:Kyiv, Ukraine

Sell meters (ammeters) panel E8031:

E8031 5A

E8031 10A

E8031 20A

E8031 30A

E8031 50A

Gauges E8031 are designed to measure load chains in percent relative to rated current on the mobile and stationary objects.

Gauges can withstand vibration with an acceleration of 30 m/S2 at frequency of 30 Hz and shaking with acceleration 70 m/S2, is stable in the frequency range 10-55 Hz. Temperature range of reliable operation from minus 50 to plus 60°C.

Overall dimensions, not more: 80h80h70mm

Weight not more than: 0.21 kg

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