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Courses "Accountant public catering, cafes, restaurants"

Offer type: servicesPublished: 27.05.2014
Seller:Sintagma Sintagma
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Courses "Accountant catering, cafe, restaurant" CA "Syntagma" - this is a practical course Buch.accounting catering for accountants, for owners of catering, or for those who wants to open a cafe or restaurant. In our courses You will learn how to calculate the prices of manufactured products, to monitor residues of raw materials, to identify shortages and surpluses, reporting obligations, and to draw flowcharts, calculation of the map to calculate the cost of food products and dishes. In the learning process also includes training to work with tables in a collection of recipes, etc. the Training is conducted by teachers, with large work experience in this field. The course is designed for any level of the listener. A flexible schedule. Phased payment. Near subway. Recording phone(057) 754-90-02, (050) 516-72-53, (097) 984-67-16, (063) 223-15-08.,