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Sell compubank P3-TUC-100

Offer type: salePublished: 26.05.2014
Seller:Sergeeva Galina Sergeevna
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Address:Russian Federation, Belgorodskaya Oblast', Belgorod
Sell compubank P3-TUC-100.
Compubank P3-TUC-100 is designed to clean grain from mineral impurities dry method. Works well in combination with other types of equipment for grain processing enterprises. Technological process of cleaning the grain from mineral impurities is as follows: through the feeder receiver grain material falls on the mesh surface allocator, blown by the air stream and performs oscillatory motion at an angle to the horizontal plane. The processed material comes in a fluidized state. The particles of high specific gravity sink to the deck surface, and a light - float.
Technical capacity, t/h 6 - 9
Working deck area, m2 1,0
The number of concurrent receptions 1 Krupki
The frequency of oscillation of the sieve body, oscillations/min 500
Air flow, m3 /h 4800
Installed power , kW 0,37
Weight, kg, not more than 275
Overall dimensions, mm:
length 1750
width 1420
height 1530