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induction furnace

Offer type: salePublished: 26.05.2014
Seller:Ian Robin
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Description: 5-ton induction furnace medium frequency
(shell, aluminum alloy 6 pulses)
Model: nominal volume of the furnace 5 tons, nominal power medium frequency 4000 KV.
Scope of delivery complete set:2 of the furnace housing, 2 the drive device of the inclined furnace, 8 cables cooling water (length 5 meters), 1 office supply Central frequency, 1 condenser Cabinet (outdoor type), 1 low-voltage distribution Cabinet, 1 water tank for the furnace housing, 1 water tank for power supply, 1 water tank for condensing Cabinet, 1 remote control for transmission of the inclined furnace, 1 crucible. Spare equipment: 1 pipe QC, 1 pipe KP, 1 glassic.
3. Technical parameters: three-phase input voltage power medium frequency W, 6-pulse switching, the output voltage of the power medium frequency W. Rated power kW, the outer diameter of the furnace body Φ1620, the inner diameter of the furnace body Φ1540, height 1900, the inner diameter of the inductor Φ1130, the height of the inductor 1550.
4. Components configuration: 6 internal thyristor (SCR) power medium frequency pipe KP 2500A/W 6 pieces, 2 such thyristor for trumpet QC 3000A/2 500V, in combination, a total of 8 pieces (it will all be selected from known Chinese brands), universal switch for the internal configuration of the power distribution Cabinet low voltage 1000V/4000A. Volume electrothermal capacitor 36000 of kiloware.
5. Type the inclined furnace: the drive gear, the drive gear 631, reliable, convenient.
6. The main shield: in this scheme, the control only one glavic, which is designed to show completeness, and this greatly reduces the number of connection lines, even and reliable fixation, all of this helps to avoid safe failure. This Glavica high degree of integration, especially the angle of α, which automatically adjusts to power is always in the immutable condition, and it can save electricity more than 3% in comparison with similar products. Mode soft start and automatic frequency scan.
7. Customer service: free debug (within the country), the buyer will be responsible for all costs of travel and the work of its experts abroad, their flights, and the cost of an apartment and food. The buyer shall indemnify the experts 150 USD per day during debugging. After normal operation, within 6 months, the seller should be responsible to guarantee the repair or replacement of faulty components, such as glavic, reactor, condenser, hydraulic device, a switch, and the shell of the furnace (except for break pads, stop, or lack of supply of cooling water for the components).
8. Payment terms: buyer pays first advance payment of 30%, after receipt of the goods pays the remaining cost.