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Insulation of walls

Offer type: servicesPublished: 21.05.2014
Seller:Danilov Il'ya
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Address:Ukraine, Kyiv Oblast'
Insulation of walls,facades of houses and flats by rope and forests-We will help you create a unique microclimate by increasing energoeffektivnosti your home!"
Insulation apartments foam square meters, 200 UAH.
For wall insulation is applied foam (PSB-25),typically 50 mm is sufficient for warming the house or apartment walls.This thickness can raise the room temperature by 5-7 ℃.
In cold homes are more than 30% of heat escapes through the walls.The wall insulation protects against these losses,allowing You to save energy on heating in winter and air conditioning in the summer.Proper winterization system allows you to avoid the dew point on the walls and, as a consequence,mold and subsequent internal repair...Home,where there were problems with condensation on the walls,dampness or fungus-quickly restore normal atmosphere with the help of our craftsmen.
Increase the comfort of your homes!Temperature and humidity in Your home will always be optimal due to the effect of the thermos.In addition,the sound insulation effect of the insulation will keep Your home quiet and calm!
Expert advice and froze for free!
Choosing our company You can be assured of quality assurance and deadlines.For each family we have an individual approach,a formal agreement and warranty.
Let us worry about the insulation of their homes today,you will save in the future!
Qualitatively,quickly,at affordable prices.