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HS-Professional - penetrating waterproofing

Offer type: salePublished: 20.05.2014
Seller:Aleksandrovich Sergej
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Address:Ukraine, Dnipropetrovska Oblast', Dnipropetrovsk
• Deep penetration into concrete,
• High adhesion to the concrete, to Mr,
• Water-resistant not less than 60 m water column
• Only one or two layers of material,
• Rapid hardening of the coating,
• Apply to wet concrete,
• Can be applied under water head,
• Unlimited lifetime waterproofing,
• Water flow resumes the process of compaction,
• Frost resistance of concrete F50 triples,
• Resistance to dactilografierea,
• Resistance to water, aggressive XA2,
• Resistance to household sinks and oils,
• Waterproofing of basements from the inside,
• Coating keeps water vapor permeability,
• Compatible with concrete,
• Limits carbonation
• Environmentally friendly product that is safe for health.
HS-Professional (Poland) is intended for waterproofing of concrete structures, as well as protection from exposure to ground water from aggressiveness to HA. The process of waterproofing of concrete and reinforced concrete structural elements is covering them with a thin layer of material, sealing substances which crystallize out inside the concrete, which gives
waterproofing is much more effective bitumen and bentonite. The product is intended for waterproofing the surface of the base plates and pillows, monolithic walls, concrete floor slabs, terraces and balconies. The material is used for waterproofing of water tanks, sumps, elements of pumping stations for sewage, swimming pools, underground parts
houses and other structures (basements, shelters, underground garages, tunnels, wells, chambers, wet areas (bath), etc. is Used both during construction and for existing facilities. Waterproofing is performed from the inside, i.e. without sniffing out. The above product is used in residential and industrial construction, community facilities, with both internal and external sides of the structures, has been approved for use in contact with drinking water. The material does not burn and does not contain components,
reacts with oxygen.