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Sell vibratory centrifugal Separators A1-innominate artery-100 A1-innominate artery-50

Offer type: salePublished: 19.05.2014
Seller:Lyisenko Galina Sergeevna
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Address:Belgorodskaya Oblast', Belgorod, Russian Federation
The vibratory centrifugal separators A1-innominate artery-100 A1-innominate artery-50 designed for cleaning grain cereals, cereals and legumes, maize, sorghum and sunflower from large, small and light trash that is different from the main crop grain size and aerodynamic properties, separated by sieves and air flow before backfilling grain storage, drying and other processing, and also for bringing the grain to the food conditions for sale and preparation of seed material. When pre-treatment of shearing pile of grain material is emptied from trash with minimal removal of waste grain main crop and grain impurities.
Technical characteristics
A1-innominate artery-100 A1-innominate artery-50
Capacity, t/h:
zagotavlivali grain
food grain
seed serno
Air consumption cubic meters/CAS
Installed capacity, kWt,04,5
Overall dimensions(LxWxH)3300 x h h h 3250
Mass, kg