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System Wachs device vacuum home canning, food storage

Offer type: salePublished: 19.05.2014
Seller:- Internet Magazin Dom i Sad
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Address:Russian Federation, Moskovskaya Oblast'
For a durable, high-quality storage and freshness of the greens, cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers, mushrooms, berries influenced by many factors. Poor automatic, semi-automatic capping machine, badly washed glass jars, products, defective lids for canning. Online store products, appliances for the kitchen, home canning House and Garden, offers to switch to a more reliable method of home canning. The unique method the way to long-term preservation, complete safety in the home the freshness, vitamins and taste in fish, meat, cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers, berries, mushrooms, herbs. The process is called home vacuum, storage products using unique Russian system vacuum canning products Wachs. Vacuumization products appliance wax differs significantly from the usual method of sealing food in glass jars metal lids for canning. No need canning, pickling, rolls, vegetables, fruits, products in brine. Berries, mushrooms, meat, fish, vegetables, fruits vacuumized at home in the natural, fresh in standard glass jars for canning and kept fresh for months. For vacuumization, long-term storage of any food for the winter at home enough to buy at cheap prices in the online shop Home and Garden is a unique Russian device system vacuum canning wax .
The device Wachs for vacuumization, preservation and long-term storage of peppers, cucumbers, tomatoes, dill, parsley, lettuce, spices in the natural form of the same quality as expensive foreign counterparts. Price Samara products vacuum fruits, meat, fish, berries at home is much cheaper foreign vacuumizing products. Domestic long-term storage system products only gets excellent user reviews!
By installing a home vacuum preservation device Wachs do not want to pickle, preserve, pickle products, prepare the brine for storage of vegetables and fruits. Put in a clean glass jar for canning fresh vegetables, fruits, herbs, spices, berries, mushrooms, meat, fish products. Cover the mouth of banks special vacuum lid. Pump the vacuum pump the air. After pumping air into a glass jar creates a vacuum. Bacteria quickly spoil food in a normal oxygen environment. Airless, amicrobic space thanks to the air exhaust of the vacuum pump of the glass vessel, for months to keep the home fresh, closed, evacuated products!
Vacuum home canning, long-term storage of products appliance wax will allow the spring to keep fresh cucumbers, tomatoes, meat, parsley, dill, mushrooms, berries.
How to use the device of the vacuum preservation system Wachs?
Winter wanted to eat fresh, homemade pickles, tomatoes? Open the vacuum valve cover on the pot, remove the lid for the vacuum with the neckline. Remove the right amount of stored vacuum products from banks. To save the remaining products in a glass jar, do the reverse process. Put on a mouth of the vacuum cover. Again, remove the air pump. Place jar on a further long-term storage. All the unique process of using the device canning device Vaks you can see in the proposed Internet shop Home and Garden video.
Advise every summer resident, gardener, farmer necessarily buy at cheap price in our online store excellent home vacuum storage, canning device vacuumization products wax!
We recommend to replace the conventional iron, aluminum, tin lids reusable vacuum in conservation, blanks, rolls, salted vegetables, fruits in glass jars. Save time, family budget. There will be no need annually to buy a huge number of new ordinary lids for canning. One of the vacuum cover is used two or three hundred times! Vacuum lid Wachs fit on the neck of any standard glass jars of different sizes.
The complete system storage of meat, mushrooms, berries, fish, fennel, lettuce, parsley, spices set of wax comes with a pump and 9 reusable vacuum caps. Additional vacuum cover, you can order and buy in online store House and Garden in any quantity. Equipment supplemented by detailed Russian-language instructions for use, use. Attached table shelf life, vacuumization individually for each product. Watch informative video, instructions on the appliance wax.
Attention! There are a lot of poor-quality fake sets, sets, vacuum caps, pumps, accessories to the device of wax at a low price in Internet sales, outlets.
Original products produces only the city of Samara firm Source. Online shop of useful products for canning, kitchen accessories Home and Garden is the official representatives of the manufacturer of the system Wachs Samara enterprises Source. Guarantee to the original purchaser of quality instruments, accessories and excellent reviews! Beware of imitations!
Shop Home & Garden recommends that you buy at factory price from us a remarkable brand home canning, long term food storage device of wax.
Sell kits, kits, vacuum the covers, pumps retail, small, medium, large bulk.
Delivered, sent an order in any region of Russia.
Minimum order 1 set.
The retail price of the kit 580 rubles.
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