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CL 25 Drip tape for automatic sprinkler system, irrigation plants

Offer type: salePublished: 19.05.2014
Seller:- Internet Magazin Dom i Sad
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Address:Russian Federation, Moskovskaya Oblast'
Drip irrigation, watering plants, gardens, flower beds, greenhouses, greenhouses, fruit trees, shrubs most effective automatic method of supplying water droppers in the root, the root area of the plants. The drip irrigation system, irrigation allows you to wisely manage water. Each dropper gives the earth an even number of liters of water resources.
Drip tape is the main element of the drip irrigation system, irrigation. Laid into the ground, on the soil surface.
Suggest to buy affordable drip irrigation tape Metzerplast CL - 25 ( 25 meters ) for lengthening, increase irrigation lines gardens, flower beds, greenhouses, greenhouses, fields, online Internet Shop of the goods for the garden, field, garden, villas
Water from the pitcher drip tape Metzerplast through a lot of filtering the input hole drips evenly flows in the root, the root system of plants, shrubs, trees. Slit design discharge, drip tape irrigation, irrigation protects the hose from damage by insects, root penetration, blocking external devices, materials.
The discharge through the drip prevents flow streams, destruction of soil seedbeds, stems, leaves, roots.
Drip tape automatic irrigation Metzerplast CL - 25 ( 25 meters ) elongation, increase irrigation lines some of the best among the counterparts. Less clogged. Provide high uniformity of water distribution in comparison with other drip tapes.
Drip tape automatic watering Metzerplast great devices, drip irrigation beds PDA 24, PDAs 24K with a timer, other automatic, manual irrigation for garden plots, open fields, greenhouses, hotbeds, greenhouses. Provides uniform watering, irrigation, root, root system of the plants. Saves water. Will provide maximum comfort to the germination, growth, development of seeds, seedlings, Mature plants, trees and shrubs. Forget about manual watering seeds, flower beds, plants, flowers, fields, greenhouses buckets, watering pots. Definitely recommended to buy at cheap prices in our online store of useful products to gardeners, horticulturists, gardeners, farmers drip tape irrigation Metzerplast CL - 25 ( 25 meters ) sets automatic drip irrigation PDA 24 timer, PDA 24.
Durable, reliable, long working resource. Unpretentious to any terrain, soil.
Detailed Russian-language instructions Assembly, installation, use, use.
Specifications, options, drip tape irrigation Metzerplast CL - 25 elongation, increase irrigation lines:
The water flow rate of one drip at a pressure of 1.0 ATM. - 1.6 l/h; diameter 16 mm; the spacing between drippers - 30 cm; wall thickness: 0.15 mm; length CL 25 - 25 meters; the maximum pressure of 2.0 atmospheres.
Sell CL - 25 elongation, increase irrigation lines directly from the Russian manufacturer of equipment systems drip irrigation company Source the city of Samara.
Are long-term partners sales factory.
Recommend in our online Store of useful goods for the house, garden, garden to buy a quality brand of drip tape, automatic irrigation, watering plants Metzerplast CL - 25 .
Long working endurance, cheap price, good reviews. Sale small, medium, large, wholesale, retail. Delivery in any region of Russia. Wholesale good discounts.
Price retail set of drip tape CL - 25 meters - 670 rubles
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