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Prefabricated portable Mini Greenhouse PWM for seedlings and plants at the cottage, garden, kitchen garden

Offer type: salePublished: 19.05.2014
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With the onset of spring grown to grow sprouts at home is becoming difficult. Sprouted seeds, sprouts, shoots, grown plants vegetables, fruit, berries, flower crops require more water, sunlight, certain ambient temperature. The problem will help solve unique folding mini greenhouses of various sizes, which offers to buy at an affordable price our online shop Home and Garden.
What is it used for, where to apply mini greenhouses?
The main purpose of miniparaguas greenhouse is a convenient method, the right way of growing, forcing seedling plants, heat-loving vegetable and flower crops. For example, tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, radishes.
Where, in any online store buy at cheap price best mini greenhouse for villas, home, garden, kitchen garden?
Portable mini greenhouses greenhouses PDM Samara produced by the Source protects seedlings, plants in the country, the garden, in the garden from frequently changing spring weather, cold, snow, rain, wind.
Prefabricated portable miniature greenhouse PDM is a removable bed. After an easy, fast Assembly with your hands greenhouse product is covered glass frames, polycarbonate films for seedlings, flowers, vegetables, and fruits. Heat-loving plants will be great to feel closed from cold greenhouse house!
Therefore, the online shop of useful products to gardeners, horticulturists, gardeners Home & Garden advises to buy affordable unique Russian polycarbonate mini greenhouses PWM for cultivation, growing seedlings, heat-loving vegetable plants, fruits, vegetables, berries in the garden at the cottage, the garden in the spring. Growers already using our minireplicon, leave excellent feedback on purchased in the online shop Home and Garden prefabricated portable miniature greenhouses PDM.
Miniport greenhouses consists of plastic tubes. Plastic tubes joined together by special connectors. Disassembled mini greenhouse is lightweight, compact. Easily transported.
Any gardener, cottager, the farmer quickly and easily assemble, disassemble greenhouse the device with their hands. Growers will leave the past alone produce special devices, designs, come up with your hands extra tricks to create greenhouse conditions, seedlings, plants.
Enough to buy at factory outlet price in our online store ready device greenhouse polycarbonate mini greenhouse, mini greenhouse for cultivation, cultivation of seedlings, flowers, cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers, and radishes.
Portable greenhouse mentality for cottage, garden, garden will provide young shoots excellent conditions. Constant positive temperature inside the greenhouse house is beneficial to the growth and development of plants. Design mini greenhouse will protect the soil, planted the plants from freezing. Will save, saves from changeable weather disasters. Mini greenhouse greenhouse PWM is low, easy to carry. Takes up little space. Cheap price mini greenhouse products available to every gardener, farmer, vacationers!
Mini greenhouses greenhouses PWM company Source particularly suitable for plant breeders, owners, small garden, vegetable garden, suburban areas. Perfect lovers annual location change miniphantom greenhouses.
Despite the different length, width, and height of the proposed models mini greenhouses, each prefab portable greenhouse product has a durable frame. The frame is made of warm, fire-resistant, waterproof material.
Trumps, special undeniable advantages of mini greenhouse greenhouse PWM for cottage, garden, kitchen garden in front of the analogues of other manufacturers:
Easily, quickly assembled, disassembled, moved, transported. Detailed photo instructions, schematics, Assembly, use, use present in the original configuration of greenhouse device.
Small dimensions, weight. Convenient to carry out watering plants. Look at page offer photo products. The special design allows you to crop much earlier to plant, grow seedlings, sprouts, vegetables, fruits, flowers, berries. Provides advantage to carry out the earlier the sowing of seeds, respectively, to grow more crops.
Listen to the advice of the producer Source, Samara, online store, Home and Garden, excellent reviews of breeders to choose and buy affordable factory price best folding portable mini greenhouse LHD .
Guaranteed annual high yield, long, faultless service life of prefabricated greenhouse products.
We offer you to look at the technical specifications, equipment, price, greenhouse products, and to choose and buy the following model miniphantom greenhouses:
Dimensions mm kit, PCs
DLN Shir High NOK Pipe Cross-Tee
PDM 2480 700 460 no 10 14 3 2
Price 1300 rubles
Pdmp 2480 700 480 h mm 10 14 3 2
Price 1400 rubles
PDM 3100 700 480 no 12 17 4 2
Price 1350 rubles
Pdmp 3100 700 460 h mm 12 17 4 2
Price 1450 rubles
PDM 4340 700 net 16 23 6 2
Price is 1500 rubles
PDM 5580 700 net 20 29 8 2
The price is 1600 rubles
Equipment: schematic of self-Assembly, plastic, plastic spiders, legs, tees, tubes, instruction. We offer you to watch the video clip about models offer mini greenhouses, minitablets.
The letter "p" in the cipher mini greenhouse means having a polycarbonate film in the kit.
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