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Consumer infrared drier cloth for drying vegetables, fruits, products

Offer type: salePublished: 19.05.2014
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Address:Russian Federation, Moskovskaya Oblast'
Encourage gardeners, horticulturists, gardeners, lovers gather mushrooms, berries, nuts, and other natural gifts to buy affordable stunning new infrared electric household miracle dryer for fruits and vegetables the magic Tablecloth. Universal vegetable drier developed by Russian engineers. Is a unique new method, a way to quickly, correctly, efficiently, without losing the taste and vitamins to dry fish, vegetables, fruits, berries, mushrooms, meat, and other products. Excellent user reviews. Consumers appreciated in the best universal electric dryer correlation affordable prices and excellent quality fast drying of all kinds of vegetables, fruits, meat, fish. Consumer infrared electric dryer magic Tablecloth quickly, dries properly at home mushrooms, berries, field and forest herbs, nuts, twigs for a bath. Watch a video clip on the website. You will be surprised by the versatility, versatility, numerous electric household miracle elektrosushilki the magic Tablecloth! The price is much lower than any import of vegetable and fruit drying. Functionality, features infrared electric dryer better than any expensive drying apparatus.
Universal miracle device infrared dryer at home wet outerwear, hats, mittens, birch, oak, other brooms for a bath, garden, field, forest herbs. Electric Mat for drying products, mushrooms, berries, fish, meat magic Tablecloth is significantly different from normal household drying characteristics. Best universal dryer magic Tablecloth is a stylish color flexible Mat. Its size is 50 by 50 see One download within a few hours will dry 2 pounds of any mushrooms, berries, crackers, spices, herbs, vegetables, fruits, leaves with berries, fruit bushes and trees.
Best household electro omosessuali the magic Tablecloth will provide a family for the whole year dried mushrooms, berries, dried fruit, delicious useful herbal tea, fruit for jellies, compotes, fruit drinks, dried vegetables to your favorite dishes.
Consumes electricity only 0.1 kW.h. Operates from mains 220 C. the weight of the vegetable elektrosushilki 0.5 kg Product can be easily rolled into a roll with a diameter of 10 cm
Conveniently transported to the cottage, in the garden on a trip. Special design plus a special infrared heaters form the heat directly on the surface it is on the drying object. Gentle heat flux is given directly to the products, fruits, vegetables, mushrooms, berries, herbs, dill, parsley, spices.
Why is online store of useful goods Home & Garden recommends that you buy exactly household infrared vegetable, fruit, footwear, grocery electric miracle dryer the magic Tablecloth? Affordable price, excellent user reviews, high drying capacity, long working life! Low power requirement during drying. There is no need to buy a few household dryers for different purposes! Infrared multi-purpose household drier Samobranka this vegetable, fruit, berry, mushroom, grass, fish, meat dryer in one excellent product. And yet the miracle of the magic Tablecloth a great device in the form of a Mat for proper, high-quality, fast-drying noodles, dill, parsley, spices, roots, nuts, twigs for a bath, wet, wet and damp footwear, outerwear!
In the fall, winter, spring infrared electrical device, the magic Tablecloth excellent drier Mat for drying any wet, wet boots, shoes, sneakers, shoes, hats, jackets, mittens, gloves and mittens. There is no need to buy special Shoe drier and apparatus for quickly drying wet clothing, hats.
Universal multi-function infrared miracle dryer can be used in the cold season as an excellent Castelnovo, outdoor mini heater. Tape on the wall electric dryer - pad on the wall, lay on the floor at his feet.
Thus the universal household drying elektroizdelia product can be used year round for different functions! The magic tablecloth can be dried, to jerk, to heat, to warm at home! One of the presents videos detail shows numerous opportunities amazing household elektrosushilki.
Factory equipment makes a detailed statement of use, the use of fruit, vegetable, Shoe dryers and various recipes of your own hands at home many Goodies. For example, the recipe for a delicious vegetable, fruit pastes.
The magic tablecloth is perfect inexpensive useful gift for the holidays!
Electric household dryer Vosa, fruits, noodles, fish, meat, greens made enterprise in Russia Katrina. Home drying apparatus has a quality certificate, the original security. Recommend to buy at factory outlet price in our online store are brand factory infrared drier the magic Tablecloth! The guarantee of protection from cheap fake electric dryers this brand and model, high quality drying device. Our online store of useful goods gardeners, cottagers, husbandmen, gardeners Home & Garden is a direct sales representative of manufacturer. Will provide with the purchase of extended warranty warranty.
Price 1290 rubles.
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