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Cloth universal infrared miracle drier for drying vegetables, fruits, mushrooms, berries

Offer type: salePublished: 19.05.2014
Seller:- Internet Magazin Dom i Sad
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Address:Russian Federation, Moskovskaya Oblast'
New fans homework. Offer to buy in online store House and Garden best infrared vegetable fruit electro miracle dryer the magic tablecloth . Designed correctly to dry, harvest vegetables, fruits, berries, mushrooms, roots, field, garden herbs, roots, leaves, and buds of shrubs and trees. Vegetable, fruit, grocery miracle drier the magic tablecloth perfectly dry fish, noodles, meat, crackers, brooms, bath, wet, wet coats, hats, and much more. Great user reviews! Perhaps the best vegetable, fruit, grass multipurpose electric dryer. The highest quality products, affordable price!
Dry house, the apartment, in the garden at the cottage, the garden anything with amazing fructosuria. Electric miracle omosessuali consumes electricity only 0.1 kWh the Most cost-effective in comparison with other electroacoustically. The drier perfectly the magic tablecloth keeps the heat treatment useful vitamins, aroma, taste, color, products, field, country garden herbs, leaves of currant, raspberry, gooseberry. Electric dryer vegetables, berries, mushrooms, fruit quality dried products, creates a saleable condition. Will desiccate mountain harvest, herbs, prepare for long-term storage without additives, dyes, preservatives. Will retain the vitamins, taste products. Excellent feedback buyers about infrared vegetable, fruit, mushrooms, berries, fish, Shoe electric dryer cloth!
A lot of advantages, not the usual fruit and vegetable, mushroom, berry dryers. Dries efficiently, saves time. Be sure to buy an infrared drier fruits and vegetables magic tablecloth ! Will provide adults, children dried fruit in autumn, winter, spring. Economical, compact. It folds easily, stored, transported. The diameter of the collapsed state 10 see Weighs 500 grams. 1 drying vegetables, fruits and other products prepares up to 2 kg! Electric dryer Mat quickly, efficiently dry the mushrooms, herbs, berries, fruits, vegetables, fish, noodles, leaves, roots, buds, flowers, seeds medical field, garden, country, gardeners shrubs, grasses and trees.
Amazing versatility of application of the fruit elektrosushilki. Great mini heater at an inexpensive price. Fit on the wall, lay on the floor. Drivers will be useful frosty in the winter to heat the crankcase to quickly start the car.
Super Mat electric dryer wet, wet, wet shoes. Works silently. Thermal energy is used only for heating, drying.
Stylish exterior design. Similar to the flexible Mat size 50x50 see a Beautiful picture. Heaters made of high quality carbon materials.
Universal multifunctional miracle Drier will cook at home delicious candy! Cook it by combining assorted fruit, nuts, honey. Spread the prepared composition in the dryer. Plug in the network 220 C. After several hours, disconnect, remove it. Candy ready!
Kit with detailed Russian-language instruction manual, a collection of recipes for Goodies.
Watch exclusive video clip instructions on the stunning limitless possibilities of electric fruit, omosessuali cloth.
Inexpensive useful gift for the holiday!
We advise our online store to buy best generic electric miracle dryer fruits, vegetables, the magic tablecloth . Dry berries, mushrooms, parsley, dill, spices, herbs, root crops, meat, herbs, roots, fish, noodles, brooms for a bath, shoes, clothes. Collaborate directly with the manufacturer elektrosushilki. Guarantee the quality, safety, long service life of the product. Has the certificate of quality, safety. Issue with buying extended warranty, free servicing of the product. Now You know how to choose, where, what to buy the best and affordable the drier vegetables, fruits, mushrooms, berries, medicinal herbs, fish, dill, parsley, herbs, spices. Price 1290 rubles.
Shipping and order delivery to any region of Russia by mail cash, in person at the meeting, the transport company. Retail, wholesale, small wholesale. Prices are retail. For wholesalers and small retailers a flexible system of discounts. TEL: 89277260320, 89063753197, 89608033739