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System PDA - 24 without a timer device automatic drip irrigation, watering plants

Offer type: salePublished: 19.05.2014
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Address:Russian Federation, Moskovskaya Oblast'
Many gardeners, growers, field crop growers, farmers have long switched to the automatic method drip watering their gardens, greenhouses, fields, greenhouses, greenhouses, trees, shrubs, leave excellent feedback on the work sets irrigation drippers. Using the drip method of irrigation of the plants they found excellent efficiency irrigation drippers agricultural land, gardens. I advise you to forget watering cans, basins, vodka watering their gardens, villas, fields manually. It's time to move on easier, economical watering flowers, vegetables, fruits, berries, herbs. For automatic irrigation of plants drippers and drip tape enough to buy at cheap prices in the online Shop Home and Garden the best system drip irrigation, greenhouses, seedbeds the PDA device 24 without timer . Starting to use drip irrigation system PDA 24 , any agricultural worker to quickly verify the undeniable advantages of the irrigation of plants. Notice considerable water savings spent on watering manually. Save time, physical energy. Do not walk across the garden, flower beds, pouring watering can, bucket. Will have more time to rest, the other important things on the garden, cottages, plots.
The plants themselves or the automatic drip irrigation device of the PDA 24 without watchdog timer is invaluable. Application method irrigation tape IV 40% increases the yield of berries, vegetables, fruits, herbs, flowers. The secret to improve yield using method catalogo watering easy. Watering plants by hand watering can, bucket, You dilute the root system, tamp the soil around the roots. Part of the water destroys weeds and flows down into the furrow. Such manual watering nedodaet vegetables, fruits, flowers, fruit trees, bushes almost half of the most valuable nourishing moisture. Automatic drip watering plant system PDA 24 droppers will allow you to digest the seeds, roots, seedlings, and adult plants total volume of water supplied.
How it works, best watering system automatic drip irrigation, irrigation plants kit PDA 24 without timer? Why shop Home & Garden recommends that you buy from us at factory price watering device drip method set PDA 24 each cottager, agriculturist, farmer, gardener? The drip irrigation device is easily assembled, installed and connected. See the visual video instructions on the description page. In picking the system is supplied with detailed instructions use the device.
Connect the faucet and the hose with an inner diameter of 15 mm to the barrel, crane, column, pump, well water. Install a water filter with adapter. Bring a garden hose to the garden, greenhouse. Connect drip tape Metzerplast. You want to lengthen the pocket PC device 24 additional drip tapes. We offer you to buy at an affordable price any amount necessary drip tape with a length of 25 and 100 meters in our online store.
Necessary valves, water filters, garden hose, drip tape Metzerplast length of 24 meters, diameter 16 mm, distance between drippers 30 see droppers, corners, connectors are present in the factory kit.
Online shop of useful products to gardeners, gardeners, gardeners Home & Garden recommends that you buy at factory price best brand set of automatic quality irrigation plant watering system of the PDA 24 without timer . Shop Home and garden is the sales representative of manufacturer of drip sets, kits, systems and devices Samara FSC Source. Irrigation system plant plant source of consistently excellent quality, long working resource. Are popular among users and have always received excellent reviews!
The price of the kit 1480 rubles.
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