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Universal Miracle Shovel multitool 7 in 1 multifunctional foldable

Offer type: salePublished: 19.05.2014
Seller:- Internet Magazin Dom i Sad
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Address:Russian Federation, Moskovskaya Oblast'
Online store of useful household goods cottagers, gardeners, farmers, gardeners Home & Garden offers buy at cheap price unique multifunctional universal folding road miracle shovel 7 in 1. One unique Hiking, automotive, garden, country multi device will perform the functions of a ploughman, a cutter, slitter, cutter, opener cans, glass bottles, topiwala snow, ice axe, claw! In picking the best multitool includes a variety of essential tips. Axe - hammer. The sizes of nozzles multi device:
The width of the blade of the axe 7 see the length of the bayonet 17 see, Shir. 12 see , steel shank 30 cm Shovel with special opener. the bottles. Saw, bayonet - knife 15 cm length, 2 cm width. The puller. The weight of the complete set of 850 grams.
Camping travel kit foldable miracle shovel multitool 7 in 1 real boon to fishermen, travelers, tourists, picnics, nature, hunters, gardeners, gardeners. An affordable price. Good user reviews.
Road universal miracle shovel will be useful to motorists, drivers. Car foldable snow multi shovel will help out in unexpected traffic situations. Instantly digs suboxonebuy car in snow, mud. Fixtures will help during the breakdown of the machine. Small dimensions allow to occupy a minimum of space in the trunk.
Best multifunctional foldable miracle shovel for tourists, fisherman, motorist 7/1 will be useful in campaigns, at the cottage, in the garden, traveling, hunting, fishing, recreation, picnics. Help chop, chop, saw wood, to dig up worms. Make a special plug under fire, install rods will dig round the tent, cut meat products. Universal manual multitool 7 in 1 is able to cut, cut, dig, chop, cut, pull nails. Camping travel folding multi shovel gets excellent user reviews!
Be sure to buy at an affordable price the best multi-purpose folding road miracle shovel multitul 7 in 1 online store Home and Garden.
Original, useful gift for the man on the holidays. What to buy to give to a friend, brother, husband, father birthday, the day of the motorist, New year, February 23? Miracle shovel 7/1 ! This gift will be happy any man.
Road multi-purpose miracle multi shovel will appreciate the endless possibilities of gardeners, farmers, gardeners, fruit-growers. To be axed part way, rasp branches, trunks of fruit, berry trees and shrubs. Manual universal folding Plowman capable of quickly, accurately, to dig, to straighten, to loosen the earth in the beds, to score, to pull out nails. Lots of other invaluable facilities multitool for use at the cottage, the garden, in the garden.
Universal, compact size. Nozzles made of durable high-tech anti-corrosion materials, long life.
Accessories garden, cottages, camping, fishing, travel multitool conveniently hiding, are stored in the handle metal handle, the pockets canvas cover. Change, are installed on the miracle of the shovel 7 in 1 instantly.
Online shop unique and useful products to gardeners, gardeners, hunters, tourists, anglers House and Garden offers photo sets, video instruction on how to use, application nozzles and the miracle of spades 7 in 1. Be sure to see a photo, a video tutorial about the amazing capabilities of multitool. Thank manufacturer of folding universal miracle shovel company, Masato for the video material Internet shop Home and Garden!
Similar sapper military folding multi blade forces of the European armies. Slightly changed the Russian engineers for convenient use in daily life.
Advise to buy at factory outlet price in our online store, universal multi-function folding miracle shovel multitul 7+1 . Users will appreciate the affordable price, quality, compact size, endless possibilities is the best folding shovel to help out in many situations. The buyers of the product gets great reviews!
Sell the goods directly from the manufacturer. Production Of Russia.
The price is 750 rubles.
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