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Automatic drip irrigation, irrigation plants PDA device 24 without timer

Offer type: salePublished: 19.05.2014
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Address:Russian Federation, Moskovskaya Oblast'
Still watering the garden, the garden, greenhouses, greenhouses, flower beds, field, and greenhouse manually watering can, buckets, hose? Offer a simpler, effective, qualitative method, method of irrigation of the root, the root system of plants, seeds, sprouts, fruit trees, shrubs. Enough to buy in online store House and Garden new development of the Russian technologists set drip irrigation system, irrigation, roots, seeds, seedlings, and adult plants installation of the PDA 24 Set drip water significantly increases productivity, saves water, time, energy. Forget buckets, hoses, watering cans, hand sock water. The hard work of watering the root bases of the plants in the greenhouse, greenhouse, greenhouse, flower bed, flower bed, the field quickly, effectively, efficiently, economically will drip feed irrigation installation CVR 24! Excellent user reviews, popularity among gardeners, farmers, gardeners, farmers. Affordable price, excellent quality!
A long, laborious process of watering by hand manually has many shortcomings. Large water consumption, most of which is spent useless, of no benefit to the plant, tree, shrub. Flows in the furrow, not having had time to soak into the soil. The root, the root system of plants no time to obtain the necessary portion of nourishing moisture.
Kit drip irrigation systems, watering the roots of Mature plants, seeds, seedlings, sprouts will totally eliminate the disadvantages of manual watering.
Economical, regular metered consumption, feed moisture root zone of the plants in the required amount of drip tape. Tape drip device drip watering system PDA 24 ideal method, technique, tool proper, efficient, fast watering the garden, greenhouses, flower beds, fruit bushes, trees, hedges. Plants absorb up to 100% of the incoming water! Drip tape Metzerplast 24 meters long, with a diameter of 16 meters easily connected, extends for more tapes. Any number of additional sets of drip tapes Metzerplast you can buy at affordable price in our online store, useful, unique items for home, garden, kitchen garden villas.
- Irrigation regardless of the terrain, topography, environmental conditions provides seeds, seedlings, sprouts, plants with moisture in time in the right quantity. The root system of the plant becomes strong, developed thanks to the improved absorption of nutrients. Advise gardeners, growers, farmers, gardeners must-buy at a low price device Autonomous irrigation, irrigation of green spaces batching system water set PDA 24 .
Easy Assembly, connection, installation of drip. Detailed instructions of use, the use of the device in the configuration. Video tutorial video with complementary annotation of the automatic drip watering irrigation kit PDA.
The kit includes the adapter, area, water faucet, drip tape, filter water, tee, reducer.
Technical characteristics of the device of drip irrigation:
Nominal water flow rate of 1.2 - 1.6 l/h, maximum pressure of 0.8 Bar, the outer tube diameter of 16 mm,wall thickness 0.2 mm, the distance between drippers 30 see
We offer you to buy it in our online store useful unique items for gardeners, farmers, gardeners, farmers House and Garden to buy original branded device package drip irrigation, irrigation system PDA 24 . Are direct sales partners Samara manufacturer of drip devices Source. The guarantee of long endurance, low price, high quality, good reviews, the combination with a large number of sown seeds.
Price 1480 rubles.
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