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Electric dryer for shoes Lacona Lacona

Offer type: salePublished: 19.05.2014
Seller:- Internet Magazin Dom i Sad
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Address:Russian Federation, Moskovskaya Oblast'
We offer you to buy the best unique electric Shoe dryer Lacona in Internet shop Home and Garden. Safe option correctly, quickly dry adult, sports, working, baby shoes. Cheap price, high quality. Great customer feedback!
How to quickly dry up, not to spoil boots, shoes, sneakers? Drying on the radiator, stove, heating appliances brings irreparable harm Shoe inventory. Hot air covers the surface spoils leather, artificial leather, suede, nubuck, crack, rubber materials. Crack, warp, becomes unfit for use. Electric Shoe drier shoes Lacona perfectly dry shoes, boots, sneakers, shoes without causing any harm. Two special ultrasonic heating pad electric dryer for shoes Lacona dried sparing mode.
Put clothes liners elektrosushilki Lacona inside, turn on the Shoe drier outlet. After some time, sneakers, boots, shoes dry. Ready for comfortable wear. Drier shoes convenient to use at home, at work, in travel, business trip, in the country. Footwear products for adults, children will always be dry. The drier shoes Lacona lightweight, compact. Does not take up much space in your bag pack. Electric Shoe dryer Lacona dries moisture, sweat shoes, kills the fungus. Drying is provided inside. Air circulation is free, dries evenly. Consumes Shoe dryer power a bit and buy it in our online store, recommend. Not be detrimental to the family budget. Ease of use, security, cost of electricity, low price. Purchased in our store elektrosushilki Lacona liked buyers, has received excellent reviews.
AC 220V; drying temperature of 40 degrees; a drying period of 6 hours ; the service life of 8 years; the power of 12 W;
Equipment with detailed Russian-language instructions for use, use.
We recommend you to buy the best brand electric Shoe dryer Lacona at cheap price in our online store. The warranty of the original quality, long service life of the product. Provide extended warranty, free servicing of the device. Certificates of goods.
Now You know exactly where, what quality best electric Shoe dryer to buy at an affordable price and how to properly, safely, quickly dry wet shoes, sweat, moisture, remove the fungus in shoes, sneakers, boots, shoes.
Elektrosushilki shoes Lacona real world quality and reliability of the product. Price 590 rubles.
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