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System PDA 24 To the controller for automatic drip irrigation and watering plants

Offer type: salePublished: 19.05.2014
Seller:- Internet Magazin Dom i Sad
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Address:Russian Federation, Moskovskaya Oblast'
Many gardeners in the age of modern technology continue by hand with a watering can and bucket to water the plants, seeds, seedlings, fruit trees and shrubs.
But regular watering hands of vegetables, fruit or flowers in the greenhouse, the greenhouse, the beds and the bed has a lot of disadvantages. Spent a lot of time and physical strength. Manual water watering can or bucket greatly destroys the garden. Eroded soil in the garden and erosion of bare root and root system of plants. Do not use water sparingly. It's time to forget about the inefficiency and complexity of manual watering.
Advise to buy low price online Internet Shop of useful goods gardeners unique automatic timer kit PDA 24 http://xn--80ahbodrcnc6a.xn--p1ai/index/sistemy_kapelnogo_poliva_rastenij/0-87 for self-drip irrigation, irrigation and liquid plant food.
Use in home hardware auto correct watering drops of gardens, fields and greenhouses is the best, quick and effective way to water the vegetables, fruits, shrubs and trees in the garden. Gardeners and gardeners who have tested the system PDA-24K with a control dosimeter water supply for automatic drip irrigation field and garden area leaving rave reviews about watering device! Affordable prices, high quality materials and components, many years of trouble-free irrigation and ease of use. Thanks so important criteria, Samara set irrigation and plant nutrition, nutrient drip method is among the leaders in popularity among Russian breeders and increased consumer demand.
What is the advantage of automatic irrigation and proper, regular watering of gardens, greenhouses, flower beds and greenhouses system PDA 24 with dispenser from regular watering plants by hand?
Garden automatic drip irrigation in the home and garden conditions, flowers, vegetables, seeds and seedlings the PDA device 24 To the timer will completely replace the manual watering. Forget about the fact that most every day you want to wear the hands of the water in the bucket or watering can for the garden, greenhouses and hothouses. Kit for watering and feeding feeding the drip method in garden and summer conditions will significantly save time and physical energy for other important things in the country, in the field, garden or yard. Several times reduces the flow of water when pouring, and the efficiency of irrigation increases.
To get acquainted with apparatus of the PDA 24 To an electronic timer http://xn--80ahbodrcnc6a.xn--p1ai/index/sistemy_kapelnogo_poliva_rastenij/0-87 for auto watering plants in the country, in the field, the garden and the garden in an exclusive video presentation on the description page of the product.
A brief overview of the principle set automatic drip irrigation and supply of liquid nutrient organic and inorganic fertilization plants in the country and in the garden on a pocket PC device 24 To the controller:
Connect the drip irrigation system to water containers. Can be used under water and nutrient liquid fertilizer is any iron, aluminum or plastic barrel or tank. This unique device sprinkling is absolutely not require to raise the storage capacity for water to greater heights. Water will be supplied to the system by gravity at any level of a finding of capacity from the ground. As equipment system auto watering kit PDA 24 with dispenser can easily be connected to the usual water supply, street column with water or deep pump for supplying water from a well. Then plug in the controller ordinary penlight batteries with a capacity of 1.5 Century, Configure and install electronic timer dosed supply of moisture and liquid feeding on the correct days, hours, time of irrigation and the amount of the desired aquatic resource. Water drip tape Metzerplastа will become a special watering the droppers. Drip hose is specially made of black material and modern high-tech components. Therefore, even proceeding from cold, the water in the hose is heated to the desired temperature. The plants have a warm comfortable for absorption of nutritious liquid. The stepping distance between drippers 30 see
Irrigation equipment evenly portions of waters, waters and nourishes the root and the root zone of plants, stems and leaves. Vegetables, fruits, trees, shrubs and flowers correctly receive and absorb 98% of the needed nourishing moisture. Manual watering is similar to the effect of moisture absorption is only 65%. Automatic drip irrigation, fertilization and irrigation, seeds, sprouted seeds, and stems of Mature plants set PDA 24 http://xn--80ahbodrcnc6a.xn--p1ai/index/sistemy_kapelnogo_poliva_rastenij/0-87 with electronic control timer does not wash away and does not destroy the garden, the soil and plant roots. Significantly increases yields on beds in greenhouses. Want to greatly increase the efficiency of irrigation and increase the yield of vegetables, fruits, berries, flowers and other agricultural crops with the least effort and cost?
Then recommend You to buy at factory price online Internet shop Home and Garden a unique system of automatic drip watering kit with timer PDA - 24 K.
The equipment is intended for timely correct auto irrigation and supply of liquid nutrient organic and inorganic plant nutrition in the Villa, garden, field and garden conditions. Use the device for irrigation of root and root area of vegetation in a greenhouse, greenhouse, garden beds, flower beds, fruit and ornamental trees and shrubs.
We offer to buy one of the best drip irrigation systems with dispenser for cottage, garden, orchard or field. Useful, easy-to-use equipment for greenhouses, greenhouses, greenhouse, garden beds and flower beds, as well as unpretentious terrain and soil!
In the factory set of detailed instructions for use and installation set their hands. Attached clear abstract self-Assembly kit with step-by-step, comments, photos and diagrams. Useful video clip of our online store will help you easier to learn and be able to assemble the system of automatic drip irrigation with an electronic controller of the PDA 24 in a cottage, garden or the field.
In original equipment watering equipment includes drip tape with droppers Metzerplast long, 24 meters and a diameter of 16 mm. Long step between water droppers 30 see the kit contains an adapter, replacement filter, water treatment area, water tap, tee, electronic timer controller and the retaining ring.
Drip tape with droppers Metzerplast can be easily extended, cut into desired sizes and attach to the main hose additional watering lines of drip tape. To do this in our online store http://xn--80ahbodrcnc6a.xn--p1ai/index/sistemy_kapelnogo_poliva_rastenij/0-87 you can order and buy any number of other water filters, adapters, turn signals, plugs, tees and connectors.
Separately, drip tape with droppers Metzerplast at an inexpensive price can also be purchased in retail and wholesale in our online store. Sell drip hoses with droppers Metzerplast long 25 and 100 meters. Step watering between drippers is 30 centimeters.
The proposed automatic drip watering and plant food for flowers, vegetables, seeds, seedlings and adult plants kit PDA 24 To the electronic timer is in Russia's Samara plant Source. We offer you to buy at factory price online Internet shop Home and Garden original kits PDA 24 To the controller for auto drip irrigation in the greenhouse, the greenhouse, the garden, the greenhouse or in the field.
Collaborate directly with company manufacturer of test kits and kits for automatic irrigation of plants for homes, cottages, fields and gardens brand PDA 24 firm Source, Samara.
Buying from us factory watering equipment guarantees an excellent harvest. Apparatus drip irrigation PDA 24 To the electronic controller from the Source work flawlessly for many years and get only good reviews of plant breeders.
Relax, do other important and useful things in the garden, in the country and in the garden. Do not worry for the timely correct water supply of seeds, seedlings, sprouts, seedlings and adults of green space. Leave the watering of gardens, flower beds, fields, greenhouses, hothouses and greenhouses super system for automatic drip irrigation and watering of plants device PDA 24K with timer http://xn--80ahbodrcnc6a.xn--p1ai/index/sistemy_kapelnogo_poliva_rastenij/0-87 !
Sell sets of auto drip irrigation and watering of plants PDA 24 with electronic dispenser in retail, medium, small and large bulk. Ship the order to any destination in Russia by Mail, courier service or Transport Company.
Minimum retail order 1 set.
Price retail 2880 rubles.
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