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Mechanical Attachment for plucking the pen down domestic and wild birds DuckMaster.

Offer type: salePublished: 18.05.2014
Seller:- Internet Magazin Dom i Sad
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Address:Russian Federation, Moskovskaya Oblast'
Offer to buy in online store House and Garden is a unique novelty Nozzle Dockmaster device for dry mechanical plucking, processing, cleaning down, the pen home and hunting wild birds . Perochena machine ruff DuckMaster easily pluck chickens broilers, chickens, quails, ducks, geese, turkeys, grouse, partridges, indolic, any other bird. Designed for foreign technology industrial Osipa on poultry farms. Go on the hunt for birds, water fowl? Hunters, don't miss the chance is sure to complement your hunting Arsenal the device duckmaster nozzle to pluck a fowl in the field hunting conditions. Great feedback about the equipment , affordable price!
Don't waste your energy, time to pluck slaughtered birds in the private farmstead, hunting, pour boiling water, pinch the pen arms. Leave the routine is a superb device to the nozzle of the dry Osipa, handle pen down wild, poultry device ruff Dockmaster. Secure device Osipa, removing, cleaning pen cover with duck, goose, chicken, woodcock, chicken, grouse, capercaillie, broiler, indocti, Turkey, dove, quail in the home and field hunting conditions. Not to hurt hands. Perochena machine cleans quickly, cleanly and neatly. The device plucking feathers duckmaster does not spoil and does not damage the carcass. Dressed, fixed perochena nozzle on the usual drill, hammer drill, flint. A mechanical device cleaner down the pen on the hunt, in the home equipped with a special silicone mobile fingers, osiewalski feathers, feathers. Stable enough fingers to pluck a large number of bird carcasses. Optionally, in unlimited quantity to buy spare sets of silicone mobile fingers at cheap price in our online store.
Set duckmaster with detailed Russian-language instruction. Not in the set includes a drill, a hammer drill.
The manufacturer company Dockmaster Krasnodar city. Sell devices plucking directly from the factory. Guaranteed quality, long working life.
Watch videos with instructions about the miraculous device perochena machine dry plucking the goose, duck, chicken, indocti, Turkey, pheasant, grouse, other birds DackMaster
We strongly recommend you to buy at affordable price in our online store, the nozzle device dry mechanical cleaning down, pen, plucking home, wild birds Duckmaster Dockmaster .
Order no doubt, necessary, useful thing. Price 2490 rubles.
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