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Garden hose XHose (Stretch Households) wholesale

Offer type: salePublished: 17.05.2014
Seller:Evgenij Evgenij
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Hit of 2013, even more popular in 2014. Hurry to buy it, a 30% discount only 4 days!
Hose for watering the X-Households increased in 3 times the water pressure.
All shop sell these hoses for a lot of money. The hose has lots of advantages, and the price is comparable with conventional rubber hoses.
Especially for you get 30% back guarantee of 90 days!
Three ways length:
- folded 3.1 m, in the working - 7.5 m
- folded 8.5 m, in the working - 22.5 m
- folded 11.4 m, in the working - 30 m
Weight 500 gr.(+/- 150g)
Price for You
7.5 m - 780 RUB. instead 990 RUB.
22.5 m - R. instead R.
30 m - R. instead R.
included: hose, spray nozzle, box, manual in Russian.
RUSH season will be over quickly!
Delivered throughout Russia by courier or mail
90 days warranty!