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E helium Autonomous unit was Made for rapid charging of battery on a car.

Offer type: salePublished: 16.05.2014
Seller:- Internet Magazin Dom i Sad
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Address:Russian Federation, Moskovskaya Oblast'
What to do and how to quickly recharge the battery when the battery of Your truck or car suddenly discharged? Often on a long journey, the journey, Park, fishing, recreation and winter in the bitter cold in ACCB car finishes charging and it is impossible to start the car. As yourself with your hands correctly to light to recharge the discharged battery and start the car in the cold season or in the road, home and field conditions?
Offer to buy in online store House and Garden is a unique novelty electronic helium Autonomous ROM block Wound up for a quick recharge and restore the power of the car battery. Starting universal charger mini charger for the car battery Led is an improved model of memory for cars and trucks Argo-3M famous and loved by many drivers. Autonomous portable helium lighter Zavodilo for battery charging will help the driver in a short period of time to recover suddenly discharged ACCB in all weather and road conditions.
Cheap price one of the best electronic starting blocks for recharging car batteries available to every motorist. Motorists appreciated automobile novelty universal miracle device Started to quickly correct recovery power discharged battery. Starting charging the vehicle battery and the portable electronic device received the popular nickname of the cigarette lighter.
Online shop Home and Garden only gets excellent reviews on the best portable super memory device Initiated for quick starts discharged ACCB car and truck. Watch a special video about offline electronic miracle device. You will understand that the electric car charger helium rechargeable car Led just need to buy every driver cars and trucks.
The principle of operation of a portable universal ZU mini block Zavodilo for a quick recharge a dead car battery before starting the engine:
Cars and trucks on the road, in the Parking lot, in the garage or in the bitter cold suddenly stalled or not start because raredisease battery car? Don't know what to do and how fast to light and to charge ACCB to start the engine? The problem will help solve unique stand-alone pre-charging the miracle machine was Made for fast recharging of the power of any car battery. It is enough to lift the hood of the car and using clamps to connect electric portable helium mini cigarette lighter Zavodilo to a discharged battery.
The polarity when connecting the ROM is easily identified by the different colors of wires.
The red wire Autonomous universal cigarette lighter is connected to the polarity of the + and black to -.
Then connect the charger portable device Energized by the switch. Will start pumping charging power from the electronic rechargeable mini pre-charger cigarette lighter in a discharged battery of the car. After about 10 minutes the battery of the automobile and the truck is loaded. About this report the special indicator on ZU Wound up. You can start the engine of your car and start driving. Therefore, online store, Home & Garden recommends that professional drivers and motorists to buy from us at affordable price best electric super charging the battery device, the device Started . Mini primarialy machine is ideal for the proper self-recharging a discharged battery of a car in the household, garage, road and field conditions. A more detailed description of self-starting-charging device, connection diagrams and application of memory devices included in the original manufacturer's instructions.
Produces the miracle of the cigarette lighter for proper battery charging electronic system Initiated enterprise Ucond-Togliatti.
Starting helium charging the unit while charging ACCB delivers a voltage to 14.5 Volts and a current of 5-10 Amps.
Portable universal memory to protect against accidental overvoltage when the pumping power from the device to the battery installed automatically trigger a special locking relay.
Himself discharged electronic portable mini block Wound up for the correct AC power is restored the battery vehicle can be easily and quickly recharged. Enough to connect the supplied car charger super charger for the battery on a machine to the cigarette lighter socket of a car. Shortly portable charger Wound up again ready for the transmission of electricity in the battery is low. The electronic charging unit for proper recharging of the car has a very important advantage and, unlike many other similar devices. Portable portable mini ROM device to start charging their hands rechargeable battery Led can be charged from the cigarette lighter while running and not running car engine.
Factory installed option best super launcher offline charging an electric device includes a charging unit Wound up to send the power back to the battery. Also attached the wire with terminals for connection to ACCB, adapter with adapter for charging the electronic device from the cigarette lighter socket. There are detailed instructions with diagrams and photos for use and application of pad e helium accumulator charging apparatus. The user will help to understand the instructions for use our video page description battery charger miracle machines ZU Zavodilo.
Online shop Home and Garden works directly with the exclusive developer and manufacturer of electric hand-held charger Autonomous mini device for battery cars of the instrument were Made. Manufacturer universal manual car charger for battery company Ucond, Togliatti.
Therefore we recommend to buy at factory price in our online store branded electronic unit Wound up for fast recovery power of the battery of the machine. Buying a quality pre-charging machine is guaranteed to protect the buyer from potential clones device with low prices, promotions and sales.
The purchased in our online store electronic charging unit for fast recovery of battery we provide extended warranty.
Only factory Autonomous universal device Led for charging automotive batteries guarantees safe charging in all weather and road conditions and the transmission power ACCB at any outdoor temperature. Original helium charging devices ROM Zavodilo for many years and have excellent feedback motorists.
Now You know what to do and how quickly recharge yourself with your hands any obstacles low battery is faced cars on the road, in the Parking lot, in the cold or in the garage. For this you only need to buy our excellent universal mini memory device to quickly correct charging a discharged vehicle battery Autonomous electronic device is Started.
For a few minutes in any cold, distant journey, in the garage, on vacation and at home easily will run any automotive engine in case of unexpectedly raredisease battery. Mini super block for power supply and battery charging Led is suitable for self-correct under charging all types of batteries, trucks and cars.
Operation mode manual and automatic.
Sell universal electron helium miracle of the memory circuit to properly recover and charge the battery on a vehicle, the device Started retail, small, medium and large wholesale.
Deliver order memory in any region of Russia by courier, Mail and Transport company.
Minimum retail order 1 set.
Price for 1 device-retail 3500 rubles.
TEL: 89277260320, 89063753197, 89608033739