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Manual vertical clothes steamer Grand Master grand master gm-h600.

Offer type: salePublished: 16.05.2014
Seller:- Internet Magazin Dom i Sad
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Address:Russian Federation, Moskovskaya Oblast'
Steam iron grand master gm h 600 indispensable assistant in the home, in its long journey, the journey. Grand master GM-H600 created to make life easier, save time. Small, compact. Smoothes the folds of the clothes pile, synthetics, wool, linen, velvet, fur, silk. Restores wrinkled ware Jersey. Wet steam will not shrink, will not stretch the fabric. Give elasticity, will not leave creases.
We offer you to buy gorgeous vertical road handheld mini steamer clothes grand master gm-h600 in Internet shop Home and Garden. Popular among the population, receives excellent reviews. One of the best steamers of the represented class.
Road steamer grand master the perfect business trip, a trip to the country. Takes up little space in the Luggage. Quickly boil water for tea, coffee, cook the egg. Function thermos will preserve the boiling water.
A unique system of horizontal, vertical steaming allows you not to take things with a hanger. Ironed clothes, curtains, tulle right on weight.
Manual steam generator of a clothes Grand master gm-h600 disinfects dust mites, germs linen, soft toys, furniture. Well removes unpleasant odors of sweat, tobacco, perfumery.
Contemporary design. Comfortable, lightweight. Easy to disassemble, wash. Heating tena protected against rust, oxidation.
the willingness of a pair of 45 seconds, a continuous supply of steam for 15 minutes of steaming, the voltage of 220 watts. the power of 1100 Watts, capacity 250 ml, automatic off button the end of the water.
Complete detailed instructions for use, the use of hand-held steam generator Grand master gm600. Watch a video instruction.
Do not buy a cheap low-quality counterfeit grand master.
Original steamer, steam generators our company delivers proven reliable wholesalers. Suppliers are official partners of manufacturers. Provide a guarantee for the steamer, free service.
We advise our online store to buy original manual vertical steamer Grand Master GM H 600 . Guaranteed to protect yourself from fake steam systems at a low price, you will get a quality machine with long working resource. Numerous good reviews on sold company products repeatedly demonstrated the perfection of the work shop, honest attitude to customers.
Price 2300 rubles.
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