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Energy EN 0507 handheld steam cleaner steam generator universal multifunctional

Offer type: salePublished: 16.05.2014
Seller:- Internet Magazin Dom i Sad
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Address:Russian Federation, Moskovskaya Oblast'
Decided quickly, thoroughly wash, clean household items, appliances, plumbing, Windows, floors, doors?
We recommend you to buy in online store House and Garden magnificent multifunctional steamer steam cleaner steam generator Energy en 0507 http://xn--80ahbodrcnc6a.xn--p1ai/index/ruchnoj_paroochistitel_ehnerdzhi_energy_en_0507/0-32 .
Universal steam cleaner ENERGY EN 0507 will make cleaning, cleaning of the premises in the joyous event. The buyer receives a unique product 3 in 1! Vertical hand clothes steamer, tissues. Tprivate, otheiwise things without having to remove the hanger, coat hanger, curtains. Clean steam the dirt, dust, soot, residue, water scale and rust. Complete manual of the steam generator energy 0507 huge number of nozzles, flat irons, vacuum cleaners. Will atpara will athletic immediately necessary clothing, curtains, curtains, tulle on weight, soft furnishings, soft toys, blankets, pillows, and much more. Nozzle vacuum cleaners will clean from dust, dirt, carpet, carpets, rugs, hard-to-reach places between batteries, baseboards, corners, crevices. Nozzles - brushes handheld steam cleaner energy en 0507 cleaned of dirt, deposits, soot, rust on gas, electric stoves, tubs, sinks, toilets, sinks, toilets. Quickly, efficiently cleans tile, tiles, mirrors, Windows, kettles, car, outside, inside, pots, pans, floors, linoleum. Any surface will clear universal steam cleaner energy 0507 powerful steam flow. In addition to steaming, cleaning simultaneously disinfects things from germs. It is enough to direct the flow of steam to the surface to be cleaned, wipe uparennoe place a rag. The en 0507 excellent consumer reviews! Powerful reliable heaters 1000 watts. Turns water into steam for 3 minutes.
Comfortable long cord. The volume capacity of the reservoir 350 ml. Allows continuous steaming, cleaning, cleaning for 20 minutes. After water steam cleaner energy will turn off automatically.
Trim energy 0507:
Measuring Cup, funnel, special durable fabric nozzle to steam off the cloth, clothing, clothes, toys, furniture. Detailed Russian-language instruction, application. The video tutorial will tell you about the great features of the device.
Online shop Home and Garden http://xn--80ahbodrcnc6a.xn--p1ai/index/ruchnoj_paroochistitel_ehnerdzhi_energy_en_0507/0-32 recommends to buy branded quality manual universal steam cleaner Energy en 0507 exactly we have in store. Get a long-term guarantee. Original, quality, safety, reliability, good reviews, cheap price products. Guaranteed long service life of the device. Price 2200 rubles.
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