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Suburban Septic tank bisostad processor drain, pit latrines, public toilets, Chambord.

Offer type: salePublished: 16.05.2014
Seller:- Internet Magazin Dom i Sad
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Address:Russian Federation, Moskovskaya Oblast'
Present Russian drug treatment of sewage, drain pit wells, sewage pits, storage tanks, plumbing systems. Bioactivator Suburban septic tank bisostad serves to remove, rework, biomass, pollution, suburban, outdoor toilet, Chambord, septic tanks, drain holes.
We recommend you to buy unique tool cleaning, processing, delete the contents of the drives Suburban septic tank bisostad in Internet Shop Home and Garden. Perhaps the best effective bio activator. The huge popularity and positive feedback from users!
The order of use.
It is necessary to consider the individual characteristics of the drives. Private wells, latrines in homes cleansing in any season of the year. Water, waste and warm systems do not freeze. Street, yard clean toilets + 4 and above. The tool septic tank completely remove the unpleasant smell. Revise feces, and biological waste in plain water without smell. Bisostad will clear the bottom of the hole, the toilet, the walls of silt, silty sediments, accumulation. The resulting water goes through the cleared space in the ground. I advise you to water the trees, flowerbeds, shrubs, beds. Excellent safe biological fertilizer!
Box 5 packages to process 5 cubes of processed dumping. Has not been cleaned, drain cleaning, detergents, soap, chemical additives? Consumption 6 Pak. x 3 cubic meters of drainage holes. Be sure to observe the complete set of instructions and recommendations for use. Attached is an interesting video about bio drug.
Bioactivator domestic production. Venture Raduga plus Podolsk. The proposed biological product directly from the manufacturer. Council to buy the original drug in our online store. Guaranteed protection against counterfeiting, conducting high-quality cleaning, handling plumbing devices! Price 790 rubles.
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