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Pipe Kaczmarek

Offer type: salePublished: 15.05.2014
Seller:Igorevich Aleksandr
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Address:Russian Federation, Vladimirskaya Oblast', Vladimir
Among the variety of proposals corrugated pipes of various materials and price segments we have chosen the best product that can satisfy the most demanding customers.
The system of pipes and fittings with brand K2-Kahn (production Barbara Kaczmarek SP.J., Poland), due to its performance properties and cost becomes the best material for the construction of engineering networks, Sewerage and drainage.
The main advantage of pipes K2-Kahn (TU 2248-001-66108928-2012) is the fact that when a small amount of material, and therefore, the low weight, they are produced with a large perimeter (loop) rigidity. Often we are talking about stiffness SN8 kN/m2 (according to PN-EN ISO 9969), but according to DIN 16961 annular rigidity K2-Kahn is 31.5 kN/m2. Understanding these characteristics of the system ensures that the network of sanitary, storm, combined or industrial sewers laid in the land under roads with high traffic load and other areas will be operated for a very long time.
In the system K2-Kahn (2248-001-66108928-2012) nominal diameter corresponds to the internal (DN/ID), and the range of pipe (160 - 1000 mm) allows most of the design decisions. Test all elements of the system occurs in the laboratory, ranging from checking the granulate to the stage of the finished product. The quality control and management system are manufactured according to the standards EN ISO 9001, in addition to all enterprises of a production cycle observing the norms of environmental protection EN ISO 14001.
On the Russian market system K2-Kahn (2248-001-66108928-2012), along with the system Pragma (Pragma), presented in 2004. During this time the products Kaczmarek was built and delivered in a variety of projects, including Federal significance