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Crane instant water heating

Offer type: salePublished: 15.05.2014
Seller:Igorevich Aleksandr
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Address:Russian Federation, Vladimirskaya Oblast', Vladimir
Characteristics of the crane instant water heating AQUATHERM
Crane instant water heating AQUATHERM is a modern outstanding product that combines energy savings and avoid unnecessary waste of energy, money and time to purchase additional equipment to create a home of comfort and giving You all the advantages of the use of hot water and compliance with all hygiene procedures.
In fact, one product, two products: this faucet and water heater.
This faucet is connected only to the cold water, and household electric 220V, 50Hz.
Heating of the cold water going through the electric heating element, through the conversion of electrical energy into heat energy in the heating chamber located in the valve body, to a temperature of +600 C. When the heating of water to a given temperature decreases the risk of the formation of scale, and burns body when using hot water.
Crane instant water heating AQUATHERM does not require special knowledge or experience in the plumbing business and the whole process will take You no more than 5 minutes of personal time!!!!
Important - especially in areas, and places where, for any reason not possible or not feasible to conduct hot water or put the boiler, and this causes inconvenience and discomfort associated with lack of hot water.
Crane instant water heating AQUATHERM consists of :
1.Housing in which is
-electric heating element, which heats the water for 5 seconds.
-spout (gander), which has a special aerator (spray) the function of which is to ensure economical use of Your water.
the coarse filter (model series 001-005 are equipped with filters separately in the models of the series 006, 007 filters built into the body)
2. the handle-regulator-using it to turn on and adjust hot and cold water.
3. Indicator light "Heat included" red or blue. The lamp lights up when the valve is illuminated in the "Hot water", in the "Cold water" light is not lit.
4. Electric cable with a protective device (RCD) which will shut off the power supply to the crane in case of short circuit, voltage surges in domestic electric network, eliminating the risk of electric shock to person when using crane AQUATHERM) and fork Euro 220V, 50Hz.
Crane instant water heating AQUATHERM
Crane instant water heating AQUATHERM has three modes of operation: mode "Off" mode "Cold water" mode "Hot water".
Mode "Off." in this position the handle - regulator, is in the middle position, neither cold nor hot water is not running, the indicator lamp is not lit. The power consumption does not occur.