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Polyethylene pipes HDPE pipes. Water, Gas

Offer type: salePublished: 15.05.2014
Seller:Igorevich Aleksandr
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Pipe water pressure polyethylene (HDPE)
For the construction of water supply systems (both technical and drinking) can be used for PE pipe (polyethylene), HDPE pipes, PVC pipe water supply. To manufacture these pipes using modern materials (polyethylene, polyvinyl chloride), which in their properties stand out from traditional metal and concrete pipes.
Polyethylene pipes PE release lengths of 12 m and a bulk of 100 m to 110 diameter. As polyethylene pressure pipes it is possible to produce much longer than metal, with the same diameter (sdr), the number of joints in the area is significantly reduced, and, therefore, reduces the likelihood of emergency situations.
Polyethylene pipe HDPE applicable in the following industries:
• For laying pipelines for domestic and drinking purposes
• For laying of sewer systems
• For the organization of irrigation systems, underground heating, and so on
• For transportation of liquids and gaseous media enterprises
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