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Valves refer to locking devices, in which the overlapping stream is translational movement of the locking member (wedge) in the direction perpendicular to the motion flow of the transported medium. Valves are used for overlapping threads gaseous or liquid media in pipelines of various pressures and nominal (notional) passes.
Low hydraulic resistance valves (coefficient of resistance less than 0.5) makes them particularly valuable when applied to the pipelines through which is constantly moving environment with great speed.
The performance of the valve body is usually made full bore, i.e., the diameters of the holes in the passages of the valve is not narrowed. In some cases, are narrowed valve, in which the diameters of the holes in the body to constrict. This helps to reduce the forces and torques control systems, as well as reduced overall dimensions and weight.
On execution of the shut-off valve body can be manufactured in two types - parallel and wedge. In turn, the wedge is divided into a gate valve solid wedge disc.
Gate seal wedge gate valve is provided at the expense of action on the wedge pressure working environment (pressure difference before and after the valve) and more becoming jammed efforts. Due to this wedge gate valves (especially dual) have significantly higher kind of degree of tightness than parallel (which seal in your body occurs mainly due to pressure drop in it).
However, in industry there are production lines, production and installation, which you can use only parallel slide valves, are designed under these specific conditions, in which the valves can not work.
Wedge gate valves are suitable to use when the operating conditions are close to the Maxi-mum, maximum, and parallel - when working conditions are far from the limit, which is true up to certain limits of pressure and temperature.
Gate valves are manufactured with sliding spindle (spindle thread and running the nuts are on the outside) and with non-rising (thread spindle is in a production environment).
The control valve can be operated manually (via the gearbox) or by electric drive.
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