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3D Printing and Prototyping

Offer type: salePublished: 15.05.2014
Seller:Shajbakov Aleksandr
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Address:Republic of Bashkortostan, Russian Federation
Rapid prototyping (Rapid prototyping) is "growing" on the layers or layer-by-layer synthesis of the finished product or model directly via e-data - computer CAD model. The advantages of this process are: speed, accuracy, cost reduction in the production of single prototypes. 3d prototyping is widely used in areas such as:
•Prototypes Souvenirs
•Architectural models
•Limited production
•Packaging design
•Functional testing
Using technologies such as rapid prototyping of products it is possible to simulate parts of any complexity, directly on data from CAD programs. The 3D-printing takes a few hours. This reduces the time in the design of finished products.
Advantages of rapid prototyping
•A significant increase in the flexibility of production
•Increasing the competitiveness of production
•Reduction of production costs, especially for melkoseriyno production
•Reducing time to market of new products
•Integration of computer technology and CAD systems
Why choose us:
•- 100% quality guarantee and terms.
•- Low price.
•- Finished product from day 1.
• Delivery throughout Russia.
• Large experience in 3D printing.
There are discounts for volume printing. Discussed individually with the Manager.
The cost of printing the model consists of the estimated time of printing multiplied by the cost of 1 hour or based on the weight of the model.
To calculate the exact price You will be our Manager.
Requirements for models for print: layout files .stl
Please also note that the maximum possible size of the model in 3D printing - HH mm, so please take this into account and, if necessary, to cut the model into several parts. After printing, the model simply glued.
Their applications for 3d printing You can send to our e-mail or call by phone 8 (937) 300-53-35