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Strojkompleks OP-2200

Offer type: salePublished: 12.05.2014
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Address:Republic of Belarus
Voltage 400 V power consumption 2200 W Performance 2500 m³/h Capacity dust bag 300 d m³ fan Diameter 300 mm
Voltage 400 V
Power consumption 2200 W
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Performance 2500 m³/h
Capacity of dust bag 300 d m³
The diameter of the fan 300 mm
For clean air at the workplace
It is known that processing of wood, especially if it is large-scale, inevitably leads to the accumulation in the manufacturing premises of the huge amounts of dust, shavings, sawdust and similar garbage. To work in such conditions without special purification equipment is almost impossible. It is for the purpose of cleaning was released strojkompleks (suction unit). Strojkompleks working with woodworking machines in the complex; more specifically, simultaneously with one machine. Easy to move thanks to the platform on wheels. Vary the suction unit is mainly performance - from 1000 to 2500 m³/h and a capacity of dust bag - from 70 to 300 DM³.
The diameter of the suction flange: 150/3x100 mm
Size: 1410x560x1950 mm
Weight: 59 kg