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Polypropylene secondary Russian.Smolensk

Offer type: salePublished: 08.05.2014
Seller:Batashov Evgenij
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LLC "Boom polymers offers polypropylene secondary granulated, crushed polypropylene. Secondary polypropylene (PP) is the most common raw material for recycling. Its superiority is confirmed everywhere where the sale of polypropylene secondary, as well as a large number of consumers secondary regranulate polypropylene grades PP 01030, PP 01250, PP 21060, PP 01130. The price of PP recycled granules is not large compared with quality raw material, because of the brand of recycled polypropylene are divided into : Frost pp 8300G secondary polypropylene extrusion, impact-resistant polypropylene 8332 M secondary, block copolymers secondary battery polypropylene, injection wysokosci polypropylene 01130 secondary, Cheap polypropylene secondary transparent 01030, colored secondary polypropylene homopolymer 01250. Note that the secondary block copolymers (Block) polypropylene improve the operational characteristics of ppr pipes. Secondary Granule polypropylene is much superior in its properties mixed granule PP+HDPE(crushed boxes PP, crushed waste HDPE), when recycling is more suitable for injection molding of polypropylene secondary molding on TPA. Granulation polypropylene secondary allows you to increase productivity. Therefore, it is better to buy granular and crushed secondary polypropylene and mix it. On the territory of Moscow region to buy polypropylene secondary wholesale in our company that will allow you to choose the quality and price of recycled polypropylene.