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Courses "HR management" training center "Syntagma"

Offer type: servicesPublished: 07.05.2014
Courses "HR management" training center "Syntagma" will allow you to become a professional expert in labor relations and the governing party correctly to build human work and to set the order of work with personnel documents using internal normative decrees of HR outsourcing. In the learning process, considerable attention is paid to the acquisition of practical skills. Practicing human case, you will be able to study the composition of personnel documents that govern labor relations and personnel, to gain knowledge about the design and processing, the content storage and selection of personnel documents, which are part of these regulations. Form of education - group and individual. Recording phone: (057) 754-90-02, (050) 516-72-53, (097) 984-67-16, (063) 223-15-08. subway Akademika Pavlova.