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Germicidal lamp CES 125-1

Offer type: salePublished: 07.05.2014
Seller:Dubenko Yurij
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Address:Russian Federation
Germicidal lamp CES 125-1 ultraviolet, hid, mercury vapor, high pressure arc tube is used in the devices used in medicine, food industry, biology, agriculture, veterinary medicine.
The germicidal lamp CES 125-1 in medical devices used in: the irradiators-irradiator quartz, the irradiator sun, bactericidal irradiator, the ultraviolet irradiator. All types of lamp bulbs may be used CES - D - arc, M-mercury, T-tube.
The germicidal lamp CES 125-for more than 20 years, used in medicine, not only of the former Soviet Union, but now throughout the CIS.
The germicidal lamp CES 125-1 has established itself as a seamless lamp for disinfection of premises, and the light in the irradiators Sun for the treatment of ENT diseases, or folk, for the treatment of ear, nose and throat.