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The leasing of wagons

Offer type: rentPublished: 05.05.2014
Seller:Drozdov Aleksej
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Address:Russian Federation, Moskovskaya Oblast', Moscow
The leasing of wagons
"Retranslating"" provides You with the service leasing railroad cars.
Leasing of railway transport: the leasing of railcars and the rolling stock is one of the fastest growing types of financial lease.
The purpose of the product:
•Meet all Your needs by rail extension or renewal.
•Optimization of Your expenses - lease payments on cars lower lease payments.
•Refinancing when the reversionary lease of rolling stock.
•Operational leasing of cars.
The advantages of working with "Retranslating":
•The possibility of obtaining funding in large amounts and for long periods of time.
•Relationships "Retranslating" with the main suppliers of cars.
Leasing railroad cars - the most effective way to upgrade the railway rolling stock in the company!
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