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belt pasik player vinyl turntable JVC

Offer type: salePublished: 03.05.2014
Belt (pasik) for turntable (turntables, vinyl player JVC JL-A1, JL-A15, JL-A90, JL-F30, JL-F35, JL-P30, LA-X11, LA-10 LA-11 LA-21, SRP-473E, AL-A10, LL-10B, L-100, LA-100 LA-120 LA-X3, ALF350BK, ALF350BKX, LA-90, L-L1, AL-A1, AL-F350, AL-F330, L-E600, L-AX1, AL-A1BKX, LA-10, JL-A20, MF-55LS, etc.
New. Bought in England. The price of the belt 1350 rubles
You can search the desired belt under the order.
Send to Russia in the mail (after full payment). Shipping cost 150 rubles, Or personal meeting (You come to me Tula region).
There are also the belt for other turntables: Technics, Pioneer, Dual, Akai, Sony, Panasonic, Sharp, Sansui, Onkyo, Kenwood, Mitsubishi Diatone, Thorens, Yamaha, Denon, Fisher, Philips, Toshiba, Teac, S. E. C., Marantz, VEGA, Unitra Unitra, electronics B1-01, radio, Arcturus and other