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Device for straightening wire

Offer type: salePublished: 03.05.2014
Seller:Koshkin Vyacheslav
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Address:Russian Federation, Moskovskaya Oblast', Moscow
Machine for straightening wire or tube made of copper, steel, or solid aluminum dia. 5-10mm.
The newest model ravneet the strip to the size Hm.
The mechanism of the rollers 9 and 5 videos.
Used for the installation of lightning protection systems.
In the result of straightening the wire even with a diameter of 10 mm is obtained perfectly Smooth, reduced installation time.
The possibility of regulation allows you to quickly adjust the machine to the appropriate diameter.
Option # 1 - straightening machine for wire lightning protection system comprises nine rollers arranged in two planes, 5 of which are fixed and 4 roller pressure, regulated by the screws depending on rod diameter and softness of the metal.
The weight of the machine 11 kg
Option # 2 - straightening machine for wire equipped with five rollers arranged in two planes, 2 of which are not movable and 3 roller pressure.
Very bent wire should be subjected to the alignment several times.
Weight machine 7kg
The device is an electrolytic galvanizing, all-wheel - on hidden bearings that require no lubrication.
Always in stock. Under the order of any quantity.
Manufacturer - Hardt, Poland
If You need more features of the product, its image, video demonstration please contact us and we will send You the information.
Our company is engaged in installation of lightning protection and themselves regularly use these devices.
The machine is very well proven. During operation of 3 years, no cancellation or return of goods.
We use the machine for straightening steel wire, d=mm
In season (spring-summer) through the machine goes from 300 to 500 meters of wire per week. Robust design and simple, reliable mechanism.
We're not getting the deliveries and always strive to meet customer!