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Engraving and milling duplex pros

Offer type: salePublished: 01.05.2014
Seller:Slavyanskij Stepan
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Address:Russian Federation, Rostov oblast', Kamensk-Shakhtinskiy
Engraving and milling machine, duplex is designed for milling, engraving, modeling, marking, cutting, etc. Can be used for outdoor advertising production and processing of plastic, wood, metal, industry, etc.
As a working tool used finger cutter, which is attached to the milling head, which type and technical characteristics indicated by the Customer. The cutter head is attached by brackets to the vertical carriage (Z-coordinate), which is driven by a stepper motor and a screw gear. Vertical carriage, in turn, is fixed on the cross slide (X-coordinate), moving on welded steel beam. The beam is rigidly fixed to the toothed rack and a guide. The transmission is realized by means of the servomotor c gear. Itself the beam is driven also by using a rack and pinion or helical gears and stepper or servo motors.