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Professional verification of job applicants and employees

Offer type: servicesPublished: 01.05.2014
You have a vacancy or turnover, are You looking for new employees, read many resumes, how to learn, reliable, whether the person comes in Your organization? How to avoid becoming a victim of fraud, providing false documents and Parking to You at work with nefarious purposes?
How to protect yourself from the set of "fraudulent" employees?
You are looking for candidate for the leadership position, or even a TOP Manager and would like to know all about his past professional activities.
You have a recruitment Agency and want to gain a competitive advantage, directing its customers only proven and reliable staff, increasing this value to the client.
The Agency competitive intelligence "Delta-CU" is always ready to provide services for the verification of job applicants, staff members, applicants for positions of managers, etc.
Validation is the analysis of information obtained from public sources relating to past and present events in the life of the candidate material facts of his biography, authentication, all provided documents confirming the declared data, as well as many other things, required for a decision.
After the inspection we will provide You with detailed detailed help which reflect all significant facts and events connected with the life and activities of the applicant for a decision on his employment.
The check period from 1 to 3 working days.