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Franchise network café Woki

Offer type: salePublished: 01.05.2014
Seller:OOO Proektnoe reshenie
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Address:Russian Federation, Moskovskaya Oblast', Moscow
We offer you a franchise from the network café Woki!
A network of youth café pan-Asian cuisine that combines the most popular variety of Chinese, Thai and Vietnamese cuisine.
Year franchise on the market in 2013.
The minimum investment required to open a franchise with Woki - 200000 rubles
The initial payment in rubles,for the use of the franchise to 150,000 rubles
Royalty - no.
The estimated payback period of 6-9 months.
The list of tangible and intangible rights, which transmits the franchise seller to the buyer.
- Design: the brand book, logo, signage layouts
Marketing: layouts, flyers, menus, promotions, marketing plan for the year, step-by-step instructions for quick start
- Training: corporate training video for cooks, patterns of employment contracts, job descriptions
- Equipment: item necessary equipment to the point with prices and contact suppliers
Accounting: the Site is integrated with and established a system for receiving orders, autospare products from a warehouse, destination, couriers, etc.
- Recommended plan of arrangement of process equipment
- Access to a special website for the franchise where franchisees can share the experience, the site also accumulates all the necessary documents, layouts and videos.
Requirements for franchisees:
A city with a population of 150 thousand people
The experience of successful business, the ability to create a team. Intolerance of connivance, poor service and product.
Requirements for the premises:
The allocated capacity of 15 kW, the availability of the necessary infrastructure (hot and cold water, drainage, ventilation, an area of from 35 to 60 square meters.
High traffic flow: 100-150 people per hour
- franchise Woki 122 thousand cheaper than if you opened a restaurant delivery themselves. The proposal includes a set of everything required to start a business in the near future
- corporate website and Internet promotion
- step-by-step instructions for start of business, you will not make extra charges for opening
- start business and first sale after 2-3 weeks after entry to the premises
- closed site-forum, bringing together all partners of the network created for the exchange of experience and accumulate all the required information
- savings on joint purchasing monthly up to 35% - packing, sauces, condiments, branded clothing, promotional materials are cheaper if ordered in large volumes
Contacts :
so 8 (495) 975-98-48
Snezhana Ivanova
Website address:
Company address: , Moscow, Bratislava street, 16
The experience of successful business, the ability to create a team. Intolerance of connivance, poor service and product.