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ELOS epilator Tanda Me

Offer type: salePublished: 01.05.2014
Seller:oksana sergeevna
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Address:Republic of Kazakhstan, Astana
Me Pro Ultra is the latest model in its line of home ELOS epilator company Sinerion.
She has inherited all the advantages of previous models (Me My Elos, Elos Quartz, Tanda Me) and yet has received additional benefits.
Key benefits:
•The lamp is increased to 120 000 flashes (about 8 years) - maximum at the moment!
•Removes hair of any color (bright, red, gray...) !
•Now suitable for all skin types (on the body) !
•Increased size of the treatment lamp!
•Increased processing speed (1 flash per second depending on the mode) !
•Slip - it is possible to conduct the procedure without taking the lamp from the skin!
•Possible replacement of lamps and the use of additional attachments!
•Nozzle face is now included in the kit (for 1 - 4 skin types)
•New and improved ergonomics (nice stylish design, the power button now nozzles is located on the body and it cannot be turned off accidentally, do not have metal contacts on the lamp housing, which previously had to pinch fingers)